Why I can’t wait for Baseball….

It is a cold day in England.Outside the rain is teaming down from cold grey skies. There is a cold wind blowing, sharp and unkind. Stirring the skeletal trees which try to bud as spring takes hold. Yesterday there was a blackbird singing on the eaves, and everywhere there is the sight of early spring flowers breaking the ground. But still on a day like this, it is hard to buy into the notion that spring is here.

But soon, not too soon it must be noted, there will be that beautiful sound of ball cracking off the bat, the shouts of men on the diamond. What a wonderful moment indeed will it be, when the first pitch of spring training will be pitched and all the talk which comes at the point in the season when no play is happening will stop.

Yes Pineda is talking up his season. If he gets to keep away from pine-tar and doesn’t get injured, makes good decisions too, then we will have a starting pitcher that will help us to the post season. If Tanaka isn’t messed up too bad after his injury, and Sabathia too. What about McCann? Will he be able to figure out the American League pitchers? Will Beltran hit out, A-Rod? So many questions, so many words to be spoken. Only when we get to see how the Spring Training works out will we see how the Yankees will shape up after what was a poor season for us.

It is these thoughts which on a cold day like this warms me. I am longing for baseball, not just because it means the cold weather is over, but because I love the game, and the fact that although we had little to cheer last year, time marches on and soon washes away the disappointments of the past leaving only hope for the future. Who could not love that about sport?


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