Yankees Have a chip on their Shoulder according to Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury was one of the highlights of the season for me. He was one of the few reasons that I can look back on the 2014 season with a sense of celebration instead of the bitterness of seeing Jeter retire, and Yankees fail to get to the play-offs, finish second in the ALEast, and not score runs like we have come to expect. I am grateful to Ellsbury for the heart and passion which he played with in his first season at the Bronx I can say quite quickly that he is now my favourite Yankee.
Sure he won’t be at the same level as the Captain, but he is not that far off from it. Like Mantle coming in the wake of Jolting Joe, a new hero for a new era.
He has said the Yankees have a chip on their shoulder after last season’s failures. That is good. They ought to have one. Especially with Hal Steinbrenner saying that although he is comfortable with Girardi and Cashman he felt it would be horrible if you fail to make the play-offs three seasons in a row. To the point that dismissals and restructuring would be on the table. Almost like father like son… kind of.
Not that Giradi could be in trouble, Hal pointed out that it would be on Cashman and the minor league scouts and the like if the minor leaguers didn’t work out. You can understand him saying that given the investment that was made on the prospects. One can only say that there is certainly concern that out of the all the names in the MLB’s prospect watch list the first Yankee mentioned is Luis Severino at number 23 while Boston has two players higher up on the list. Boston have made a lot of big moves to invest in their future, investments that look sure to conrtibute in a way that some might see our prospects failing to do. Cashman has made moves, whether they have been the right moves or not I am not sure. That remains to be seen. Maybe we can poach the Boston ones like we did with Ellsbury. If it works out like he has then we will be very happy.
The players we have, which are set to line out on opening day are thought of as being of a championship quality. There is no reason why they couldn’t win the World Series this year, but then again they have to deliver. That is why Ellsbury’s comments about the Yanks having a chip on their shoulder over last year are heartening. With Ellsbury we know we have a guy who can deliver. Like a former Boston great who became a greater Yankee, I hope that Ellsbury becomes as big a part of winning titles for us as the Babe did. If he plays like he did last year, we are sure to have a future lock for Monument Park.


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