Calm down Man, it’s only Spring Training!!!

Gonsalez got kicked out of the game after one pitch. Yep ONE PITCH! That was a shock to see let me tell you because really in the long run it just didn’t matter if the first pitch was a ball or strike. Sure he disagreed with the call, and was annoyed that Tanaka got the benefit of the doubt on lower pitches. But was it really worth getting tossed from a game that is little more than just a warm up for the season? Shake it off son.

Mind you there was a good point to it, Elsbury appeared a little surprised and rattled that a coach would go ballistic so readily over something so innocuous, that he was out the next ball on an infield play. One could not help but notice the rueful look he gave towards the Braves’ dugout as he returned to his own dugout. 

The other interesting point in the game was Tanaka’s great two inning outing. He looked sharp and ready for the next season. Girardi obviously wanted to ease him gently and you can understand the need to take care of a pitcher who will easily lead us to the play offs this year if we can hit and he stays healthy. 


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