The State of the Yankees (From What we See in Camp)

The Yankees have gone through two weeks of Spring Training games in the Grapefruit League. There were a lot of questions about the pitching staff and the offence that  we Yankees fans have pondered the whole off season. The great-hang over from the 2014 season was not that Jeter would not be at shortstop this year. There was no doubt in my mind that another great Yankee would come along and not replace Jeter (how could anyone replace him), but take up the baton after him. That is the nature of the sport. Of all sports.
No the real hang over is the way the Yankees couldn’t score. It was such a weak scoring season for the Yankees that the moniker Bronx Bombers was fast becoming somewhat ironic. It was the worst I had ever seen it.
The front office was busy the off season. Bringing Didi Gregorius to the Bronx to take over at shortstop was a stroke of genius because he has already proven to be an electric player. The infield is now as solid as the outfield of Ellsbury, Beltran and Gardner. We have McCann, Teixeira, Gregorius, Headley, and Drew manning the infield. That is the projected lineup for Opening Day. It is a great defensive team. So at least it seems that we have that concern covered.
The pitchers have been a problem too. Injury left its mark on the rotation. Nova, Sabathia, Tanaka, and Pineda all lost large periods of time on the DL meaning Girardi and Cashman had to do their best work as the manager and the GM to keep the team going, and given how close we got to the post season despite our starting lineup’s injury woes, you can see just how good of a job they did. Not that many will give them the credit they ought to. But they should.
The front office has gone through great lengths to get in enough good pitchers who will it is hoped be able replacements in the events of injuries to our rotation. Tanaka looked good in his start, Pineda has looked sharp and has really got some pop in his pitching. He is pitching fire I think. Sabathia is due to start this week.The noises from camp are that he is going to be in good form this season and so we will watch him eagerly to see how he will look. Nova is still out of action and will miss a lot of the season.
Capuano is injured and will miss the beginning of the season, so that gives some of the other guys a chance to get into the rotation before Nova is cleared to play in June… or is it July? Either way it is a golden chance for one of the other guys who has come into the team for this very reason. Eovaldi had a great turnout against the Phils. Certainly he looks good. But the pitching staff was not the problem. If they can keep fit we have a great lineup. If not then we have a good lineup.
It is the hitting that still looks as dodgy as we can get it. They still look as though they are unable to score. Sure it is early in the Spring and so we needn’t worry too much. But I thinks it is something that will cause our collective stomachs to whirl. Because even with Jake and Brett leading off, and Didi at the bottom of the rotation combining in the middle inning of the game to add some spice to the hitting, there has not been too much production. The only big name to actually hit a homerun was ARod. How it sticks in our throats to have to say that. But for the most part it is the kids, the prospects that are putting up the scores for us and winning the games. We can only hope that this is merely a case of the starting lineup getting their timing down and their eyes in. There is bound to be a point when they will hit. If they can hit like they ought to, like the are supposed to on paper, then it will be fun being in Yankee Stadium because that is a homerun friendly stadium and we should see something… Oh if only they start hitting.    


4 thoughts on “The State of the Yankees (From What we See in Camp)

  1. Austin Starr

    very interesting. I enjoyed reading your comments. I’m very concerned about hitting, who isn’t. imo, what we’re looking at is several years of Cashman incompetence. Most of his trades turned out to be mistakes or one season wonders for players getting ready to retire. I’m rooting for A-Rod. I think it would be hilarious to see him as the Yankees savior.


    1. Thanks for commenting. I hope ARod can deliver this year we need someone to as fire power to the offence. Jake is a good addition to the team and I hope he has a good year like last year, perhaps even better. But I agree totally about Cashman. It is interesting that Hal has said that changes could be in the pipeline if we fail to make the play offs this year and that Cashman was under scrutiny. Girardi was great last year juggling a team that was injury prone and struggling. I hope we get rid of Cashman as I think a change there will move the team forward. We are stagnant as it is.

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      1. Austin Starr

        Jake you mean Jacoby Ellsbury? he’s my fave — and so handsome too! such intensity, so dramatic when he’s getting ready to steal a base. But didn’t Cashman just sign a pretty big contract renewal, like for three years? I’m pretty sure.


      2. Yeah Ellsbury, the players call him Jake- according to Suzyn Waldman. He is my favourite player on the team too. He is an exciting player and right up there at the top of great Yankee outfielders already. I think you are right about the contract, but Hal Steinbrenner did an interview for the NY Post at the start of Spring Training just after pitchers and catchers reported to camp in which he said that given the investments made in current players and prospects it is time the team delivered and while Girardi was not included in the mix, changes would be made to the front office if the Yanks failed to make the post season for another year. Perhaps he’d rather take the financial hit of paying him off than having more years of ineptitude. If Hal was like George, Cashman would have been fired twenty times over by now. 🙂


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