Double Header #1: Let’s talk about Didi

Didi Gregorius was a smart move. In bringing him to the Yankees the front office have upgraded the infield defence. Derek Jeter was a great shortstop but last year he was not at his best. Still good by anyone else’s standard. But not so hot by his own. It was to be expected as age, and injury slowed him down and weakened his arm.
Didi will certainly improve performances at shortstop and has shown us just what he can do with some great plays that has Yankee hearts racing. But wee must remember one thing. Didi isn’t a hitter. He hasn’t come to the team to be a hitter. He is one of those guys who won’t put up the numbers that Jeter did especially if he is expected to do just that. Because pressure can do a lot of things to a guys head. If we start expecting him to put up big numbers on offence, hitting like Jeter, he will start swinging at everything digging himself into a massive hole. It will do him no good. The problem then will mean that he will become a flop. All from pressure to perform with the bat. But if we are happy that he is there to defend, and let him hit according to his own style of playing, then I think Didi will be a massive star for the Yankees, not quite at the level that Jacoby Ellsbury who is by far and away my favourite on the roster, but not too far behind him. I am glad Didi is a Yankee. Let’s get behind him for what he brings to the team, and not on his back for what he isn’t naturally able to do.


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