Pirela injured, Yanks also limp in Mets contest.

The Mets rampaged over theYankees who continue to underwhelm with the bat. ARod looked sharp in another game, he wasn’t taking part in this contest and perhaps he ought to have been there. The performance of the Yankees hitters has been something of a downer to all fans. We get it that these games are not important, and won’t matter a whole tonne of biscuits when the season gets going. That is the nature of the beast. But I do hope that they can get it together and start hitting the ball more, and getting something for their hits.
But despite the sour taste in my mouth at the idea of losing even a meaningless Spring Training game to the Mets, the pressure to include Pirela in the starting day roster was released for Cashman, as the young standout was filling in at Centrefield for Jacoby Ellsbury and crashed into the fence, injuring himself and giving up an infield homer. He was confirmed as having suffered a concussion, which was not as bad as it could have been but was bad all the same. Brian must be happy that this will take away some of the pressure of him, and that he is at least not being as crazy as the GM in the Cubs. I guess the only thing that we can take from whole Kris Bryant is that we are not the only club with fools running it, who make decisions that make no sense, and cite money as the so called logic behind it.
All that aside, I just want to wish Pirela well and hope he has a speedy recovery, and more importantly that we see him in Yankee pinstripes sooner this season.


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