In Reply to “An Open Letter to Yankees Fans.”

Dear Jen,
Thanks for such well written letter. I appreciate that perhaps as you wrote that letter, there may have been a sense of trepidation as to what will be said to you via the myriad of online portals through which mindless fools can and do invade ones home with abuse and pointless threats. I certainly hope that those who have read you letter have taken in the sense that it is meant and not gone stupidly into attack mode.
Mostly I wanted to rush out and say that as a kid growing up in Ireland my two first experiences of baseball was in the mid 80s when I saw first of all the music video to the Dire Straits song Walk of Life which featured what would be classed as funny WebGems now.
The next baseball contact was seeing the Mets win, which for some reason was shown on Irish TV.  I supported the Yankees because I wanted to move to NYC when I was older but didn’t want to support a team that was World Champions. I hate bandwagoneering. Still in my infant foolishness I though the Yankees were a team that never won and supported them. By the time I had learned about their history I was hooked. Because they were the kind of team that would win brilliantly, but lose in just as good a fashion. They are the kind of team that give you a glimpse of perfection in one breath, and then misery in the next.
The rings are nice, but I have always seen the glory of each season as a short lived thing. Resting on ones laurels is too common a thing in sports and the Yankees are such a team that has not ever done that so why the fans would is beyond me. The truth is that your eloquent description of what it is to be a sports fan, the highs and lows, the joys, the misery, and the almost opiate effect that takes hold of the mind during the opening day build up, and those last weeks when ones team is stil in the hunt for the post season, they are why I love the sport, and the Yankees too.
The Yankees are a link with those days of my childhood when I imagined moving to America, when I watch and listen to the Yankees they help me forget the hassle that all to often makes life a little too hard to take. But they also link me to my childhood in a way that no other sport does. Where most of the kids dreamt of playing soccer for Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal, I dreamt of baseball. It is a passion that few around me share even to this day living in England. It is a passion which I came upon by myself without family or anything.
I wanted to say this because not all Yankees fans think of the rings as why they are better than others. To me they are nice memories and interesting history. But I am in with this team like all relationships in my life. For better or worse, whether I agree or not. I admired you chutzpah in writing that letter. Moxy is a character trait I admire a lot. I just wanted to show that in the event that you got a lot of abuse that not all Yankee fans are going to rant about what you said. It was a lovely letter, and very well put. I wish your Birds all the best in the season. Sure I’d rather they didn’t beat the Yankees and all, but if it is to be anyone else to win the AL and AL East, then I hope it is the Orioles. Thank you again for sharing that. It was very beautifully put.


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