What Happened to Our Great Defence?

Are you hearing this? Seeing this? Getting this? The great hopes for our defence this spring seems to have gone down the drain in a wash of self loathing and rage. The Yankees have fallen off the starting blocks rather than bolted off them. The defence flopped so far and this match going on even now as we speak is an example of that. Pitching is overall underwhelming. The defence especially Chase Headley has been awful, his mistake to extend the 8th with a wayward throw to A-Rod when it was 3 out led to the 3 runs which took the game beyond the Yankees who have been worse with the bat than they have with all other aspects of the game. What is going on?
I can only speak in frustration. I am frustrated because they can’t even get on bases let alone score runs. They can’t get strikes without giving up runs, make plays in the field without looking like a high school team, or steal bases without getting thrown out. They are a shambles. What is Cashman going to do about it? He has failed miserably and has got to go.
Still at least Young got us some runs. Probably too little too late from the Bombers but No. 24 continues to impress me. At least we got something to smile about today.


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