Yankees improvements in the field have sparked a major improvement 

To begin the season, the Yankees’ defence was lauded as being one of the finest in the league. Yet we were puzzled to see the mistakes they were making. 

Just why were they making so many errors? Nobody seemed to know why or how or what. All we knew was that it was fast becoming a serious concern, just as was the pitching of our leading starters. Pineda stood out supreme in the early games as he was hitting the zone with great command and pace, and plenty of guile.

Stephen Drew was one person I felt annoyed with. He tried too hard and made bonehead plays that gave up hits and runs. The hitters struggled to makes up for this and in the end we lost those games.

But just as he was the centre of my ire for those mistakes, now he surely deserves the plaudets for the plays he has made. Just what we had wanted to happen has happened. The infield has caught up with our outfield and started to dazzle. 

Inspired the pitchers are going to work knowing the team is behind them and has their backs when in the field. Pressure off they are pitching better and giving us a chance to stay in the game, and now the hitters have started to get their grove on too.  The rejuvenation of the team has given us fans a feel good factor. This team is on the march it seems. There is hope and expectation that maybe this is the year we bag 28!  I for one think we can. Especially if we play like we have done in Detroit (last night’s thumping in particular) and our pitchers keep healthy and pitch more like they have begun too and less like they did in Spring and the opening  week. 

Yes expectations are high, they should be for every team. But when we see the possibilities starting to play out we cannot help but be excited. Now that the long goodbye to Derek Jeter is over (which last season was) when each game is not another step closer to an ending, this season feels more like a pleasure to watch and one of hope not sadness. With such a big win like last night and things starting to click Yankees games are starting to feel like they did during 27 exciting seasons in the past. Let’s go Yankees.


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