Subway! Yes Way!

Baseball is great isn’t it? Look at how bad the Yanks were to start off the season. The Mets were flying high, a New York Post cover depicted Mets stars rolling along on a subway train with the headline that the Mets were going to invade Yankee Stadium.  

 But you know, one of the great things about baseball is the way anything can happen. Even a bad team in April/ May can change things up and become a better prospect down the line than a team who jump out the gates and romp off to a great start. Just look at the Brewers of last year who were unbeaten to begin with, but faded to a third place finish in their division. Not good.

The Mets got off to a great start. As a Yankees fan I refuse to look down on their success. It is good for them and generally I like to see anything from New York well, just not better than the Yanks. In general I’d rather focus on the Yankees performances and wish they win. But the media have latched onto the idea that this years Subway Series was going to be a battle for the hearts of the city. They are making a big deal of it, mostly because they want to sell papers, and mostly because there are doubtless a lot of Mets fans who want to see the Yankees taken down a peg or two.

It didn’t happen. The Yanks went to town on the Mets. It was great, well worth sitting up until 2:30+ AM UK time to witness such a win. Especially in a Subway Series, they are one of my favourites. This year especially has been hyped. So that win was awesome. I hope we beat them today and maybe even sweep the series. But for now all I got to say is “Subway Series Rock.” Gooooooooo Yankees! 



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