CC Stunk! No other way around it. #SubwaySeries at Yankee Stadium

  The sight of CC Sabathia on the mound is not quite the same prospect as it once was. There was a time when he pitched some hot stuff. Simply put he was a machine. Dependable as much as a person can be in sport, you knew he was the kind of guy who could win games for you.

But not anymore. He is  seemingly a spent force, and now his presence on the mound fills me with a feeling of unease. “Will he win this?” That is what I usually think, and before I finish the question the answer is there in my mind. It manifests itself as a cold feeling that this game could end up going down the crapper quicker than you can say Tommy John. 

I know  that no guy sets out to pitch that poorly and get creamed so badly as CC did today. But it still has to be noted that he has not won a single game yet this season and even when he was pitching his best game so far (in Detroit) it still ended with a loss. 

Yes the hitters failed us big time today, just as the defence was as bad in places as it was brilliant in the outfield, but that was down to the runs and hits CC gave up. It put pressure on the defence as surely as early defensive errors put pressure on pitchers during the opening week. 

Maybe CC will turn it around. Who knows at this point? Hey I think he is not longer the starting ace that he was in previous seasons but is more of a short relief guy now. Someone to mop up an innings after the team has put up a good lead and the starter needs to come out. In short a “no pressure, can’t lose kind of scenario.” Anything beyond that I think is too far for him to pull off.  In short, I’m quickly finding myself of the opinion that he won’t turn it around.

So now we are level in the series and tomorrow’s game is a must win for Yankee Pride. We play them again in September when both teams could be in the hunt for the post season. Those games will be a big deal beyond measure if that is the case, but for now we have a series that we must win. The NY media have made it so we cannot be confused about how big this series is. If we win, then for the majority of the summer we will be Kings of New York. If we lose then we will be chumps. Until we figure out that Sabathia isn’t what he was (a starting pitcher) any more, then I fear we will go into his games with the dread and doubt and stink of failure hanging over heads. I like the guy but the time is now upon us to decide. He must be moved to the bullpen and replaced with someone who can do the job better. Otherwise what happened tonight will happen again and again. If we are to be a team in contention come the next Subway Series we cannot let that happen. It’s just that simple.


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