Are you all seeing this?

Has anyone felt it easy to watch the Yankees getting beat this bad. Not only are they getting beat, they are killing themselves too. The Sabrmetric genius that is Brian Cashman spent much of the spring telling all who would listen that this infield were the best thing to come along since, well since perhaps the 1927 team. Didi was going to be a massive upgrade to the teams from our shortstop of last year, who was as we all know, Derek Jeter who at 40 years young was not the same player in the field as he had been. He won’t hit like Jeter we were told and we were okay with that. If he was going to make the plays that Cashman said he would make then we had a lot to be excited about. It didn’t matter if he didn’t get much runs. He was going to stop them, that was all we need.
But the truth is that Didi and Headley have stunk, flat out stunk. They have combined with some shocking plays from the rest of the team to stink up the league, being better than only two other teams when it comes to errors.
Add to that how bad the pitching has been, with how bad the hitting has been and for all intents purposes this team should be dead in the water. But thankfully they are in the worst division in the league, the AL Least. They are still in with a chance because of how bad everyone else in the division is doing. It is almost like nobody wants to win the division title.
To give up 10 runs in the top of the third, mostly down to errors and walks and pitchers not getting out of jams but pitching as though he have only started pitching, it is all too much. Something has got to be done. It is down to Cashman to sort this out. Not Girardi. He is the coach and has to try and do something with the players he is given. But Cashman needs to get into the minors and give the guys that are our leading prospects a shot at doing something. Anything has got to be better than this. If Cashman’s inertia keeps on, then I think Hal has to wake up and sack the guy. This can not go on like this for much longer…. DO SOMETHING BRIAN!!!!