Is it the lack of meaningful action on the trade front that has done us in?

Brian Cashman has really taken some flak for his complete lack of action on the trade front this year. The one player that they did get, turned out to be suffering from a spinal injury that will take him out of action for some time. The Seattle Mariners must have had big windows to see him coming. I mean the guy was like Jack in the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Only instead of magic beans, he just got nothing. A cold bat with an injury… well done Brian. It just smacks of the arrogance of the guy who seems to think that he has a clue and more of one than anyone else. He had a chance to land a few guys, but decided to hold onto the prospects. That is a good idea sure, but when you hold them back to keep players who have not exactly been what you call outstanding, well it makes the decision not to get a good bat, a better pitcher, or a defensive player look exceedingly foolish, complacent and downright deserving of getting his ass fired.

I am not sure that he will get fired. Hal has a tendency not to really be bothered doing a whole lot it seems. We just need them to shake things up. Heck Detroit sacked their GM and he did a lot better than Cashman has done for a number season. As I write this the Yanks sputtered to another loss against the Bluejays. This is not a good turn of events. Sure we still top the AL East. It is too early to throw our hands up as others have done and say that our season is over. Those who say that are not real fans, and have no idea about the nature of baseball. But it is not unnatural for us to be concerned. Brian Cashman thinks we have all we need. We are not sure. He thinks we have better prospects than players that he could get in a trade. I sure hope so, but since they aren’t going to get onto the field while Cashman has to keep players like Headley and Drew on the roster (mostly to safe face for buying them under the same notion that had him trade for Dustin Ackley, that they were going to hit at some point despite the obvious fact that they weren’t hitting squat before he bought them) what is the point in having them there. Get them out, let them play. Do something to keep us bound for the play-offs. It’s where we want to be.

In short, once again Cashman has made a pigs arse out of a silk purse. Good one Brian. Good one.