The Yanks Stank When It Came To The Crunch- But How About Them Fair Weather Bandwagon Fans?

The Yanks lost yet another game that they came close to winning. They had as much chance of winning. But their bullpen is weak when it goes beyond Miller and Betances. That is what cost the Yanks the game today. It was an infuriating loss, made worse by seeing two things that sickened me.

1: Yankees pitchers afraid of hitting the strike zone. Pitching outside all the time in the hope the batters would not do anything was a poor ploy because they began to expect it, and as we saw in the end the Toronto Blue Jays won not by hitting. Because in the inning when they got the four extra runs to win it, they had only one hit. The rest of the men on bases were down to walks and a hit batter. It was disgusting and the pitchers should have gone for the kill and trusted their position players to do the job for them. They didn’t and in the end they paid the price with another loss that moves is closer towards losing our wildcard spot.

2: I hate the kind of fans who vanish from the face of the planet when their team is doing badly. Toronto has been a team that has struggled too often over the years. Not since 1995 have they had a team to cheer for and look at what has happened. They are back in there, with let’s be honest some outstanding players who have put on quite a show. They are by far one of the most exciting teams in the league right now. But what I loathe are the fans who turn their noses up at the team, and look down on baseball, until all of a sudden their team starts to win and looks like they are going to the post season and next thing you know their fans are everywhere. They are loud and obnoxious. They are bragging in the streets. For the fans who are there through the lean times. For them, this is a time when they are entitled to cheer, and brag, and gloat. Why not? They have earned it. But when you see people who even just last year most likely took no interest in their team, in fact didn’t even give their team the least bit of notice. I hate that. Toronto is full of bandwagon fans at the moment. Not like the Red Sox, Orioles, Giants, Cubs, and Diamondback fans for example or indeed any fan who roots for their team when the wins are not there ( I include the genuine Toronto fans in that number). It is easy to be a Yankees fan if you love history. Not so much if you love the current moment. But that is okay. It proves that I am in it for the long haul. A real fan of the Yankees who loves the history, but loves the game and the team for all its highs and lows. That’s why it is the real fans I admire and feel sorry for. They have to share the good times with a bunch of people who not too long ago moaned about how much “their team” sucked. But it is these fair weather fans who will vanish into the ether again once a sup-par season comes along. They disgust me, especially when they are loud and obnoxious and know very little about the sport other than their local team is winning so it is time to dine out on it and party. But still you can’t shut them up. They were in abundant evidence today. But like winning seasons they are here today, gone tomorrow. Then the real fans can get back to enjoying the thrill of the game without annoying fair weather fans.


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