A Pitcher Is There To Win Games, Not Just Pitch Innings.

So that was some Subway Series. I cannot even gloat about it. How could I? I feel bad for the Mets fans. You could almost feel the air being sucked out of CitiField. Matt Harvey pitched 5 great innings. They were baying for a victory as he kept the Yankees off the board. But then it happened. Terry Collins had to pull him from the game, and the Yankees went on a scoring spree, driving all but the most devoted fans of the Mets from the stadium. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Despite being a Yankee fan, I like the players on the Mets. They have hung in there like their fans since 2006, the last time they went to the post season, just waiting for the chance to get back to the play offs. This season was shaping up to end that drought and you could feel it in way Mets fans were bragging and claiming that they were the kings of New York.

He pitched a fantastic five innings last night in the final game of the Subway Series giving up only one hit, and no runs. But the Yankees as well as the rest of the league are aware of the talk about his having a limit on the amount of innings he can pitch. While he was hailed at the start of the season as a hero for the Mets fans, last night will have soured his standing among the Mets fans. In fact there was a picture knocking around twitter of a batman costume ditched in the bin. I include it in this post because I think it sums up pretty much the despair the Mets fans are feeling while at the same time explaining the fallen hero status now attached to the pitcher.

IMG_20150921_193439I can get why they are furious about this. I would be too. Especially when you see guys like Wright and Murphy playing hurt. Heck Uribe even tried to play after he did a face plant into the dirt chasing down a ball to help Harvey out. It is too much to see these guys who are out there every night, or at least most nights, killing themselves to try to get to the post season and maybe even win the Fall Classic while a pitcher who gets to rest for most nights, complains about innings pitched and saying he only wants to pitch 170-180, the exact number escapes me right now and I am too lazy and not that bothered to look it up. Specifics don’t matter to me. I am not a Mets fan. But as a baseball fan I can see the weakness in the logic.

I can also see the problem for Mets fans as they watch their guy coming out of a game that he is pitching well and keeping his team in the driving seat, while a guy who is much older and using a knee brace to pitch goes deeper into the game. It must sicken even more to see them then blow the win and get hammered by their cross town rivals which really makes me happy of course. We needed that win. Especially as the Red Sox did us a great favour and beat the Blue Jays. All  I can say though is that this nonsense with innings restrictions is that if I was a fan of that team I would be livid that our pitching ace, supposedly went and cost us a game. They have waited for the sky to fall in all season, let’s hope this will not be the sky falling down. I would enjoy seeing them get to the post season, maybe even the World Series… Then Harvey can pitch an inning or two, and the Yankees can beat them again. HoHo!!


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