The Future Sure Ain’t What It Used To Be…

It is not like watching the Yankees as we know it. They have only got to win one game to get to the post season for the first time since 2012. Just where that will leave us when the season ends we don’t know. At this rate we will probably have to travel for the wild card game and that is sickening when you look at the fact that for the most part we had the wild card number one spot. But with only a 2.5 game lead on Houston and with four games left it is possible that we will find ourselves in the number two wild card spot and that is not good.

Here is the thing, one can’t help but feel panic when we see the way the Yankees have failed to capitalise when they have had men on bases in scoring positions. It is not good at all. In last night’s loss to the Red Sox we had 15 men left on bases without scoring them. This has been a common problem this season and one that has seen us scrapping for the wild card spot when we were riding high at the top of the division in July. Can you imagine that? Toronto rode high on the action of their GM, and we slunk down to trying to win just one game to get to the wild card spot all thanks down to the inertia of our GM.

We have got to find a way of getting the scores in. Not throwing down bunts in the first innings when we have a man on first. We have got to start getting the scoring up, we have got to get the starting pitchers to do better, and we got to have a more reliable bullpen that isn’t just hinged on three guys who are great when we got a lead. It is horrible watching the Yankees at the moment. We are used to them scoring and doing a lot better than of late. If they can’t capitalise on those men on bases then if we do get to the post season it will not be a long run. They only need to win one more game, but with CC Sabathia on the mound this might not be the night we do that. The future sure ain’t what it used to be.


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