Papelbon- Keep Moving On

So the Yanks are on the list of teams which the Washington  Nationals’ closer can be traded to without his permission. The Nationals are no doubt hoping to get shut of the guy, his choking Harper during the season which began with so much promise and end in such a let down, will no doubt mean that he will be gone from their clubhouse.

I hope that he is not going to come to the Yankees. To be honest I doubt very much that he is ever going to play for the Bombers because we have already got two of the best closers in the game I think. Robertson was a loss for the Yankees and I didn’t know how well they were going do with Andrew Miller, but he came into the Bronx and really got into the swing of things with Dellin acting as the set up guy in the 8th. They were two shining points in the pitching staff, especially Andrew Miller who recorded 36 saves from 38 opportunities with 2 blown saves. That is a great return from the guy.

Papelbon is projected to get more saves that Miller in 2016 by but even if that was the case I don’t see him being a good fit for the team especially since he has been so vocal in his dislike of the team. He is not popular with the fans of the Yankees and he is also one of those players who is no stranger to controversy. Sure we have had some guns for hire in the Bronx A-Rod being an example, but finally here is one reason why I cannot stand him, and what I hope he is not signed by the Yankees….

Papelbon leads the RedSux in their lame “Yankees Sucks” chant.

So seriously Hal, and Brian… do us a favour. Don’t touch the putz with a barge pole. Andrew Miller is far better, much more mentally stable and mature despite being younger, and miles ahead when it comes to class. Let him on… Papelbon can keep on keeping on, if Washington has sense and gets rid of this clown. His act is low rent. Let him play for the Muts… they lack class over in Flushing.


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