Chapman May Add To The Bullpen: But With Suspension Looming Is He The Right Fit For The Yankees?

Okay so Cashman has been busy. It is good that he has tried to do things to help this team. The Yankees didn’t really do a lot last season when it came to bringing in new players to shake things up. It was one of the main problems for us as a fan-base last year especially when the season came to its conclusion and we looked at the way Toronto had gone out to get players who would make a difference. Pushing them to winning the AL East the AL championship game. This inaction left us more than vulnerable and though we were still in the hunt last season it was not as good an end as we wanted. Still we got there, next year, the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the dynasty would be a perfect time to win the World Series again. But that is the future and the fantasy of all baseball fans.

This offseason Cashman has been busy enough, bringing in enough players to add to the farm system so that we are building the future. But in getting Chapman from The Reds in exchange for four minor league teams the Yanks have added a player to the team that will add to the team right now. In getting him, Brian added to the bullpen in a way that made one of the toughest bullpens in the league to face even more of a daunting prospect. We now have the three best relief pitchers  in the league so once we get our starters in shape and they can last deep into a game then we should be a lot harder to beat. But that depends on how good the starters will be. They were not really that good last season and had problems not only with their pitching but with health. So if we can get the starters in better shape and their pitching much sharper we should be okay with the bullpen we have.

But here is a problem. No I am not talking about the failure to make runs out of men on bases. That is no doubt the ramblings of some other post. The problem is that we have traded away four guys for one player who is facing disciplinary action for violating the MLB Domestic Abuse Policy. This is the only thing that I do not like about the trade.

Not the fact that he is could be suspended. In matters like this, such things as the absence of a player for suspension. The problem for me is that Chapman is being investigated for an incident which allegedly saw him firing eight shots from a gun and choking his girlfriend. They were serious enough to scuttle a trade to the Dodgers. It remains to be seen how that will play out, so I won’t talk to much about that other than to say that it is the only cause for concern in what looks to be a great move in a baseball sense, it is a gamble that I feel will pay off. I’d hate to be the batters facing the Yankees bullpen this coming season.


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