How Do You Solve A Problem Like Aroldis?

People have been talking about the Yankee move to bring Chapman to the Bronx. For some who look at it from a purely baseball point of view it is a great move, here is one of the best closers in the game, joining the two other best closers in the game. The Yankees are taking a leaf out of the Royals’ book and building a bullpen that cannot be beaten. If we get a lead, we will win. It is that simple.

But for others this has been a despicable move by the owners. Bringing a guy who is under investigation for a domestic violence incident. They cite the fact that domestic violence is abhorrent and they are right. Who cannot remember the video of Ray Rice knocking his wife out without feeling sick in their stomach? Who, of course meaning those who are right thinking and find a muscular strong athletic man punching a woman to be the most shocking betrayal of trust, and love, and an act of cowardice.

But let’s just talk about the judicial system in the US. It is one that says a man is innocent until he is found to be otherwise, but a jury or a judge following a laying out the case for both guilty and not guilty. It is one based on probable cause, reasonable doubt and above all, one that says the facts of the case must be laid out clearly. Hearsay is not allowed. Conjecture is not allowed, and prejudiced personal opinions are not allowed. None of the facts have been given to the people as yet. The police who looked into it have said there is nothing other that hearsay and conjecture at the moment, as to what exactly happened. There is no cooperation and clashing accounts of the incident. So with that in mind they have nothing to do but to drop the investigation without bringing any charges.

So we are left with the fact that here is a man who has been accused of something, perhaps falsely, perhaps not. But until he is proven to have done something other than shoot up his garage in rage, that merits being robbed of his employment, then there is no reason why he should not be given the chance to work.

The system should work. If he is found to have been guilty then he will be treated as a criminal and face the consequences. But until then we should let those who are investigating, do their work, and let Chapman do his work and play ball. Because for the most part we- none of us- know anything about what has happened other than rumours. So we should keep our opinions to ourselves about the whole thing. Talking about it only in terms of it being a baseball move. Because in purely baseball terms, this is one of the best moves that Yanks could have made. It means that once we get runs on the board we will win.

To that end, bringing in more athletic and younger players will move the team along towards the end of making runs by stealing and running the bases, not just focusing on the old game of big hitting players who have passed their best years and while they can still hit hard, they all too often spend more time out injured than they do on the field. The Yanks look good on paper at this point of the season…. but we will get a better idea of what kind of season we will have when we get to Spring Training.