Birdman’s Wings Are Clipped As Greg Bird Is Out For The Season

Okay so this is something that bugs me. It has just been announced that Greg Bird is going to have surgery on a right shoulder injury which he had initially sustained in May of last year.

It is 17 days, actually probably more like 16 days before the pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training, and already one of the projected bright spots of the season, the player who was going to see some action when the continually injured Mark Teixera found his way for one of his regular trips to the DL, the player who the Yankees had constantly pointed to as a reason for Bronx fans to get excited for 2016, is out for what looks likely to be the whole season.

Why didn’t they do something about this sooner? Someone there must have known that he was not in good shape and needed some treatment. It has all hallmarks of a bunch of trainers who are clueless over there. This coming after the Yankees only real Trade Deadline move being the obtaining of Dustin Ackley from Seattle only for him to wind up on the DL with a spinal injury. It was shocking that they missed such a serious injury when making the trade for Ackley, but to miss that a player like Bird who has been in the team, albeit as a prospect, could pick up an injury and just be allowed to go along, for this long and do nothing about it, there is just no excuse at all.

For some this is just another example of the front office not having a clue about their jobs. The trainers, the guys responsible with the health of the players have far from lived up to their job titles. Just look at how many of the guys, young guys too, are out with problems. It is to be expected with older players, but for so many younger guys to be injured so persistently, often with the same problems over and over again, they has to be some massive change in how the Yankees training staff works. Not the coaches who have their own issues. But if the front office fail to get good players, or the training staff fail to keep the players from serious injury, or fail to help the players recover from those injuries then we will not do well.

I am serious Yankees fan, in so far as I am happy with us getting into the post season, and will be ecstatic with a pennant. I don’t subscribe to the World Series or Bust mentality that some Yankees’ fans follow. I don’t want to throw the coaching staff out, although I was glad we made some changes with the hitting staff, that had to be done. However when we are trying to get excited and revved up for a season and the Yanks announce that before a single player has even reported, one of the main prospects, hailed as a future member of new core of home grown players pulls out of the season, it kind of lets the air out a little. We cannot keep on having players injured like this, and just left to go on until a massive surgery and DL is the only way to go. They did it to Tanaka too. Something needs to be fixed. I hope they can find out, and explain, why the training staff is so consistently bad and what they will do to stop this mess. We cannot keep on having players out injured like this. We won’t get within a sniff of a chance if we keep losing key players and their backups to injuries, and inertia by the trainers.


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