When Things Go Right, They Go Very Very Right

This was one of those plays that summed up the Yankees performance last year. They would get it so wrong, and sometimes, even when they were so bad, they could still pull out a level of brilliance.

Two of the Infields best players turned around what was a series of mistakes by two Yankees prospects who were inexperienced in the big leagues enough to get panicked by this situation, and therefore could be excused enough for making wild throws, or trying to grab the ball, while watching the runner, as was the case. But when McCann and Didi connected there was really only going to be one outcome.

You can watch the play on YES thanks to the link below, check it out. It really was an example of how when things are going your way in baseball even when things go a bit wrong they still work out well enough for you.

Davis Retired After Wild Play

This gives us something to look forward to this season with Castro’s joining the team. Though there are problems with the first base that means we will be hoping that Tex can keep on the field more than on the DL. If he keeps his role as a guaranteed safe pair of hands, then we will be happy enough with his less that powerful hitting. But we do need players who will score. However if the infield can make plays like this while some of the newer hitters actually make runs. Then we will have an exciting season ahead.


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