The Racoon, The Pitcher, and The Suspension

The Racoon

Okay so tomorrow is the start of the Yankees 2016 season. The Spring Training part of it all anyway. And what a very interesting run up to the first games of the spring we have had.

Firstly there was the case of the racoon who came into the ground. The ground staff should have called animal control, that was the right thing for them to do. But no, instead one of the have a go heroes decided to run into action, acting like a heavy handed oaf. He cornered the animal on top of a forty foot fence. He jammed it several times with a large metal pole until finally it fell forty feet, then it scampered around the field for a bit, before making a getaway.

The video was shocking. To see a man corner and harm an animal no matter how feral it may be, when all that was needed was for the animal control to come and deal with it in a better more humane fashion.

I added the pictures because I feel that it was better to not see the ugly manner in which he jammed the poor animal with the pole. I don’t want to see the sight of the man doing that again. It was ugly. I sure hope the Yankees haul this man over the coals. That kind of inhuman cruelty, and heavy handed brutality should not be allowed. It is not the way the Yankees should operate.

The Pitcher and The Suspension

Chapman was suspended. Thirty days of regular season play, which means he will be back in action in May. He will get to play in the Spring games, and warm up with the team so that is something. But the Commissioner has handed down a suspension, and Chapman who said he would appeal has decided to take his punishment. Good enough. At least baseball has shown that it takes domestic violence seriously and will not allow it to go without punishment. No matter how good a player is, or how vital he is to the team doing well, he must answer for what he did, and he has done. So now that it is done, once he serves his punishment that should and must be the end of it. I hope that it will be, because I think it is sad for a person to think that it is right to do anything that hurts those that they claim to love, and who invest a measure of trust into them.


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