Spring So Far

So I have tried to keep away from commenting on the games since the Spring Games started up because as Joe Girardi says… these games just don’t count. They don’t really matter who wins or lose the games. They are just about getting the players up to match fitness as we like to say in soccer over here in the good ole UK.

I am bothered to see the Yanks lose so many games given that I just don’t like losing games. But that really doesn’t mean anything. At this point, most of the time the players are minor league players, prospects, hopefuls and tryouts. They are not the main players that will take to the field come opening day in April.

They have however given us a whole lot to think about, so I would like to look into that right now. The most important thing would be to look at how the projected members of the 25 man roster fair in the spring. Some look good, some don’t, that is how it goes. Patience is the key. But as a Yankees fan, I hate to see the team losing, and seeing them fall 3-7-1 is getting to be something that I cannot tolerate. Now sure, cooler heads run the team than the firebrand Boss who ruled the team like a tyrant and who is credited with running the team during one of the more storied times in the team’s history.

He would be spitting fire to see the team not only lose so many of its games, but it would also be the manner of in which the team is losing that would annoy him. It’s the lack of hitting that is happening. It is not even down to scoring homers, but the failure by the hitters to move the men around the bases. To end up their half of the innings and still leave men on in scoring positions. It is not good enough. No while the Yankees are struggling to take advantage of men on bases, even in spring, there is still the sense that last season’s problems have not gone away.  They have got to start winning. They must start winning.


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