The Yanks Are Starting To Look Good

So the Yanks have started to get it together and about time too. There comes a point when the whole thing starts to get worrying. Spring games do mean nothing. But for the sake of form you need to start getting better, you need to start stringing together the results. Batters always say that spring is too long. Because they are always ready after a few games. Though that is not always the case. Some hitters are in no fit shape to be playing come opening day. The Yanks seemed not ready or able last season to hit. This year they are hitting. Castro’s certainly an exciting addition and has given the hitting and the infield a much-needed shot of power and skill. I cannot wait to see what he will do at the Stadium. However as good as the hitting has become over the past week. The thing that I am particularly liking is the way they have started to win.

Yes, I know these games are filled with players who will in all probability spend the rest of the summer in double and triple A, and this has played its part in the scores and victories that we have seen. But when we see the main locks for the roster playing and putting together the kind of matching winning runs that we have seen lately it makes this Yankees fan feel a whole lot better knowing that if they can put those kinds of innings together where they take control of a match and get runs on the board, then it means they will do that in the regular season. That’s just a given really. So yeah. We have put in some good results later.  Since they had a break on Monday they have won all their games including two games against their rival Red Sox and Blue Jays both of whom fielded their main starters too. To beat them now, while it means nothing, does a lot of good for the team’s mindset going into the season. Beating those teams mean it all, we need to that if we have any ideas about getting into the post season and that is what counts. So if these wins can get the mindset of the Yanks right, instilling in them the idea that they can beat those teams from early on, then they will hopefully be able to carry that on into the season.

I am starting to feel a lot better about this year’s Yankees, I certainly feel a whole lot better than I did last season. I certainly didn’t feel anywhere near as good about them as I do this year.


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