The Cuban Job- How Baseball IS Bigger Than Politics

I am excited by the breakthrough with Cuba. I have long worried about the people of the small nation. I see this not as an ideological thing though of course I was a Marxist as a youth. I am not so much a Marxist now. I do not care for politics or anything like that. I think it is a con. Seeing the nature of politics on this side of the Atlantic and in the US, I can only say with sadness that in my minds eyes, politics is a fraud. Politicians will say anything to get votes.

The suffering of the people of Cuba was not made any softer by the blockade. It didn’t help them at all, and quite frankly the idea that they would help them buy nearly starving them was ridiculous. It didn’t galvanise them against their Socialist leaders, it galvanised them to their leaders. Because they enabled the Castro regime to sell to the people the cold brutality of the capitalist pigs. The blockade is gone now. It should have gone a long time ago…

This baseball trip, with Tampa playing against the national team is a great thing. The one passion that the people of America and Cuba share is baseball. Though some would say that baseball is not as big a deal in the US as it once was, but for those who love the sport, not because of local loyalties, like Toronto fans who don’t bother with the team until they are a winning one, and then you cheer for them because they are winning and are everywhere, waving your Blue Jays gear in people’s faces, until they start losing.

There are fans of the sport, who although wanting their home teams winning, will go and watch them even if they are losing because that is all they want. The joy of watching the game. For them, football, NASCAR and all the rest are nothing compared to baseball. This is something the people of Cuba get too. I hope this is a success. I hope the baseball is great. Cuba has given some of the finest players to the world. It is about time we celebrate that and forget the rubbish of politics. Sport should be better than that. Sadly a lot of the time it isn’t, but I hope this is one time it will be. If not for nothing, at least it will give Disney something to make a movie about a few years from now.


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