21-June-2016 Colorado Come To The Stadium

The Rockies came to the stadium, but the Yankees didn’t. At least not until their half of the first. Nova pitched like he didn’t have a clue and gave away three runs while looking like he didn’t have it in him to ever get them out. He pitched about 35 times in the first inning alone. That was poor.

The hitters did a job to get 4 runs on the board for the Yankees but Nova was so bad that he gave away 5 runs by the time he was pulled in the 5th after giving a double to Gonzalez who then went to third base on a wild pitch to Story who he then walked. But the Yanks went down badly, giving up 8 runs and scoring 4. It shows that had Nova not had such a dire start to the first, then this could have been a better game.

The Yanks look lost. The desire is to turn off and forget about it for another season but I won’t. They are not as bad as they were in the 80s or the 60s/early 70s. So we Yankees fans should just relax. Sit back and enjoy if not a season of success, then enjoy the fact that we are there to see the team battling through a rough patch in the hope that when they do win again, that we are not bandwagon fans as there will be. But we will say that we were there during the worst of it as well as the best of it. I saw the 80s and early 90s. I was unable to cheer along as I wanted to as the Internet is not what it is now. But I can do that now and I will. In the end, you have to keep on rooting for your team.

Yeah be angry, demand things are done. Changes made.  Demand that the old legs are replaced with younger ones who can start a stealing and bunting game. Demand that we start to make moves. The team are in a bad way, but we can make trades and changes that could get us some guys who will shake things up and build for the future. Be annoyed that the owners and GM let it get to the point that we are tied to the guys who are paid millions and are not producing. Rattle the cage, but don’t lie down, don’t give up. That is what I am going to do.


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