Inconsistency Is The Shackles That Keep Yanks To The Bottom

The Yanks will not progress this season. There. I said it, and it doesn’t make me a bad fan for doing that. They just won’t get to the playoffs this year based on their very inconsistent form. They are too hit and miss, not just with the offence either. Their starting rotation is so shaky at times that you could almost think that they are not using the same pitchers at times. Pineda was one moment great, then another moment so bad that he couldn’t hit the strike zone if the made it bigger by about twenty times. He seems to have a problem with concentration once he records the two outs as if he thinks he has done the job and needs not worry. I dunno. I am a fan.

I watch from the outside and see the games unfolding. I lack the insights in the game that the media have and the coaches and others involved with the team have. I can only go by what I see and what I hear and read people who have access to these guys saying. But Pineda is not alone in his schizoid form. All the pitchers are having trouble with keeping form. The drastic changes in a pitcher from one game to another is a head scratcher. So too is that dip in form we see with the hitters who are also blazing runs one minute and being made look like I am at the plate trying to hit the ball. That isn’t good enough given the money they are making for doing what they do.

The bullpen besides Betances, Miller and Chapman are so weak that it is a stress for Joe to decide whether to keep a starter out there longer than he should rather than handing the ball to some guy who will go out there and throw the game away.

As a fan of this team, I will keep cheering. There is only so many ways that I can say that without it being a cheesy cliche. But you can bet that I will stay up late and listen to the game, sometimes having a game run so that it is after 3 in the morning when it the game is over, which means I might fall asleep, and then even though I might wake up and see that they had lost, I will listen to the game on the radio again thanks to my subscription to MLB. Because that is what I am like. I love listening to the game and listening to the story of the game. I don’t care what the result is because I want to be there and cheer them on and share in the good and the bad.

That being said I am mad as you can get. The team was built with a stunted sort of stupid idea of being a place for big contracts, ageing players, and just thinking that some guy who had a great career will go to the Bronx and carry on. There seems to have been no real intention of building up the farm system. There was not any intention of being a place where we fostered talent as we did before. We just bought up guys who Cashman with some arrogant sense that he knows better, going in and signing guys who he thought were good players and yet were not. So bad were they that nobody else seemed even inclined towards signing them. Since 2014 there has been a stream of guys coming to the team that were in that bracket. Drew, Headley, Prado, these stand out as examples of this cluelessness. Ackley is another. Here was a guy who was brought in that was carrying a back injury. A guy we traded for and they hadn’t a clue that he was hurt! Cashman is the problem.

Cashman is the problem.

The players are a problem too. But that is what you get. Some guys are old and starting to fall away. ARod is an example of a guy who has not it anymore. Beltran is hitting well, but we cannot keep on relying on him to hit for us. Some of the guys are not that good. Headley has hit a few big runs in, but he is not that good and I would put his success down to the laws of average. You do something often and long enough and you are bound to have some measure of success. Others are coming into it. Didi has been a revelation. Castro has been a great add and falls into the laws of average and probability for Cashman. There are others who give something to the team, but I think there needs to be a change to the front office, or at least the GM, and perhaps new coaches will work too. We cannot have this kind of stagnation without cleaning out the water. I love Joe. I am grateful to him and admire him as a player, a coach and a man. But he has been in the coaching job here since 2009 and has only gotten one World Series out of it. He has seen the team slide and could only do what he could with what he was given. But he has come to the point when perhaps being replaced with someone with new ideas and new drive.

If the players care anywhere near as much as they say they do, or anywhere as near as the fans do, then they will have to stop being so complacent. It may be a case that they feel there is nothing to worry about at this point in the season. But they want to not fall into the trap of thinking that they are doing well until it is too late, and then they are left rueing missed chances because that is what is shaping up to happen.

We now face a long series against a very good and sharp Cleveland team. One that will be a serious test of the Yankees. I do not feel confident that we will win this. But I do think we can win it if they show up. That is the big, big question. Will they turn up?


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