Yanks Look Good Against Cleveland

The Yanks are doing good. They were so dominant playing the kind of baseball that we wanted to see from them. They were making the right kind of outs. The kind who of outs when they get men on bases safely to home. They scored homers, and they took advantage of the mistakes Cleveland made in the field. It was like seeing the Yanks going back in time when they were a force. Not the aimless sort of mess that we all to often have seen from them over the last three years.

There was a point in the 5th when Tanaka lost his mojo. He gave up runs like Oprah giving away clocks. He was a mess. He gave up a Double to Santana, who then scored when Lindor scored another double. Napoli and Ramirez then scored singles that moved Lindor along from 2nd to score. That was two runs, then Ramirez and Napoli scored when Davis reached on an error by Didi before Naquin scored a homer that added two more runs. The Yanks had been 11-1 until that point.

Joe was forced to make the move, and Nathan Eovaldi came into the game and finished it off getting the win added to his name. He deserved it. While Tanaka had been very good for the most part and in the end was only charged with 3 runs. The fact that he is not able to handle the pitching rotation being 5 days and not the 6 that he is accustomed to, is surely something that we ought to be worried about. His stamina should be built up by now. He should be more durable than he has shown himself to be.

We are right there, granted not as good as we would like to be. But at this stage in the season things are not so bad as they seem. Yes, we are not really where we should be in the division. Second from bottom is not good but the AL East is not running away from us and the rest of the division are struggling something awful. I hope we get more out of Tanaka. But the pitching is so shaky and the offence is lousy that we will take a win like this when seemed to have done the job well. It was good to see the Yanks get it together and do what needed to be done, making the runs, playing small ball. I hope to see much more of this over the rest of the season and the future too.


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