The Talk Of Trading Andrew Miller Bug’s Me, But Other Moves Make Sense.

There is a lot of talk about what kind of team the Yanks will be when the trade deadline draws closer. There are many who will say that we are going to be a selling team and not a buyer when it comes to the crunch. We have lost too many games to be relevant. The top three teams in of the AL East are in the hunt and have gotten too far ahead of us to be caught up and it is a battle between us and Tampa of who is the worst of the division. We are not in the Wild Card chase, we are rubbish, we are useless, the Mets own NYC. Blah blah blah.

That is annoying me because the season is still there for us. Anything can change. Cashman has a chance to show that he can still pull off the great roster move, as he did when he got David Justice to the team. Justice was a key player in winning the World Series in 2000. Since those great days when he seemed to have a Midas touch, most of his moves have been poor, or in more honest terms, they have been awful. So bad that you could not believe that a guy with his long service in baseball would make them.

Now, of course, the Yanks need to go out there. Make some trades and bring in guys who will do something to change the flop that the 2016 Yanks are shaping up to be. He needs to use some of the big guys that we have to entice guys to give away someone who will hit for us. That or we need to find some pitchers because our pitching lineup is a joke. The starters have been so unreliable this year that often we have gone into games with pressure on the hitters who already had a deficit to try and chase down, which no doubt has only served to choke the runs up because you cannot play well and hit well if you already have the pressure to score on your shoulders ramped up because now you are not just trying to score to get a lead but you have to score to try and make up runs from a pitcher like Pineda who has been so poor that his projections for this year are beyond rubbish.

The main force behind the trade talks for the Yankees is the idea that the Yankees will be getting shut off one or more of their vaunted late bullpen. How that makes sense really is beyond me, as that is the only thing that has given Yanks fans any sense of pride this year, and in the stretch will be the only thing that will likely get the Yanks in the chase for a Wild Card game. I understand that there is some logic behind it. For one thing getting rid of someone like Chapman who is a prime example of a shut down closer makes sense. He is likely to not sign with the Yankees when next season comes around and will go someplace that he wants to with no benefit to the Yanks. I’d love it if he didn’t and he went on to become a great Yankee player. But nobody knows what he will do next season and if he was to bail on us, then it makes sense to send him somewhere else now when we can get a prospect for him. After all, his suspension is no longer a problem and he has pitched lights out for the Yankees making him the kind of guy that a number of teams would want now. Cleveland for example, are one such team that could look for him.

It is possible that he will go there and the Yanks will get two pitching prospects. Or some other minor league level players. Chapman’s free agency will be a major factor in just what calibre players will be traded.

The other trade rumour is Andrew Miller and here is where I draw the line. Andrew Miller is a great player. He is selfless and committed to the team. He is a great player and one my favourite guys in the team. I love the attitude he brings to the clubhouse. He will do whatever he is told, to make this team a success. To get rid of a guy like that for any trade is nonsense in my books, but to get rid of someone who has that mindset and the skill level that Miller has is just ridiculous. Cashman would be out of his tiny mind to get rid of Andrew, especially for someone like Kyle Schwarber as has been suggested. That is crazy. Another outfield hitter, who is injured, hasn’t great numbers. That’s what we want, more dead-weight at the cost of one of our most consistently good players! No thanks. I will stick with Miller and use some of our guys in the minors in the outfield. We have plenty of guys there for that job. Miller should not be traded. Doing that would be stupid. He will help us more in the future on the roster than traded away.

Beltran is a good trade. Yes, he is hitting well, but if he is traded away to a team that needs a hot hitter now, like Cleveland, we will do well there. I like him. But I think a trade with him involved will be good for this team in the years to come. It is a long-term trade that makes sense.  Anthony Castrovince made little sense in suggesting the Miller trade, but a move that sends Beltran and Chapman to Cleveland for some prospects that are nearly ready will be perhaps the best move that Cashman can make. We need the long term strategy here. Doing that will be a long term move. Sending Miller away for some other hitter that has some good webgems along the way but is not putting up numbers and has shaky defence is not a long term move. It isn’t even short term. It is stupid. I wish the Yanks would put the Miller trade talks to bed.


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