ARod’s Playing Time Is Behind His Decision to Play First Base

“…. start A-Rod at least one every three games for crying out loud, to ensure he gets two starts a week. If that doesn’t work, then A-Rod and the rest of his contract should be jettisoned.”

via End Yankees’ silly A-Rod project: DH him or be done with him — New York Post

I have to say I agree with this article in the NY Post. A-Rod is not fit to play at first base. He is struggling with the bat but to put him at first would be a joke. It is one of those experiments that Girardi has been forced to make due to the myopic decisions that Cashman continues to make as a GM. In the past three years, the only decisions he has made that have been productive have been the signing of Castro and Gregorious. Beltran was a bust for the first two years of his contract and has only come good now. Ellsbury has been too injured to make an impact, but he has contributed with some good hits, some great plays at centre and above all with his base running. Seeing him steal home has been the highlight of this season.

Joe needs to choose whether he will play A-Rod as a DH or whether he will not play him at all. The idea of trying to squeeze him just because he is a big contract player is the kind of stupid thinking that has this team in trouble. It is as if they are saying “sure! It doesn’t matter if the guy is not producing anything to merit his place on the team. He is being an awful lot so we will play him anyway.”

That kind of thing isn’t happening in Boston, and look where that is getting them. They are great to watch because they are putting out guys on the field who want to play and are doing a good job at it too. They didn’t field a guy just because he was being paid a lot of money. They put out the guys who were doing the job well. Why the Yankees don’t go with that kind of logic is beyond me. But not using Refsnyder because they want to play A-Rod who has suddenly decided to play first so as to get some more playing time is just foolish. We need to play our best guys, big contracts or not. A-Rod is our DH. He should be that or nothing. The Post’s Ken Davidoff hit the nail on the head with this article.  Stop trying to put A-Rod at first just to play him. Either he is the DH or he is nothing. They need to be smarter than they have been these last three years.


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