Yanks should follow Red Sox sell model: Audition these prospects — New York Post

“The world will not end if the Yankees sell, rather than buy, by the Aug. 1 non-waivers trade deadline. Instead, the Yankees might be making a different sort of purchase, an investment that can prove essential to an organization’s long-term health. ” Ken Davidoff

via Yanks should follow Red Sox sell model: Audition these prospects — New York Post

The Yankees failed to win their opening series after the All-Star Break leading to a massive talk about the need to become sellers and not buyers. This is a shift in the Yankee way of thinking of course. Who tend to be the kind of team who go out and buy more players before the trading deadline. The idea of them selling off their players is something that just feels un-Yankee like. They haven’t got a lot of players worth trading at the moment. Look at them, most of their pitchers are not good at worst and not consistent at best. Same can be said about their hitters. Their bullpen is shocking apart from their vaunted three closers. So when it comes down to it, who is there to trade? Beltran and Chapman are the best choices because they are in the final year of their contracts. They are also good enough to be desirable and worth something, and could end up going to a team that is a contender for the playoffs. Cleveland is one such team. Or the Cubs.

Miller is another hotly discussed trade move. But I hope not. We can still get to the playoffs if we don’t panic. We need to get some guys who are hitting. Jettison those who are not. We need to do exactly what Ken Davidoff said in this article in the Post. We need to copy what Boston has done as I have said in my last post, and be ruthless in replacing guys who are not performing with prospects who are, and give them a shot at playing. We also need to think about who we can bring into the team that will do well. Not based on last years figures or a good season three years ago which is how Cashman seems to operate but find guys who are doing well NOW… THIS SEASON. If the Yankees have decided this season is a dead bust, then they need to get rid of some of the dead weight that is costing the team big money for little in return. They need to give the kids a chance to wet their feet with no fear of failure and start making moves for the future rather than clinging to the past.

The Yanks won. It was great, it was needed. It also was the kind of thing that will galvanise Cashman into thinking he is good, all is well. No need to do anything. Which given how bad his choices have been for the most part these past few years, might be a good thing. But doing nothing for fear of messing up is not a good basis for decisions. The front office has not given the coaches anything to win with. Sure we have some good guys brought in, Ellsbury, Castro, Didi. That’s it. The rest of the moves have stunk like Bigfoot’s armpits. No wonder we have languished outside of contention for ages since 2012 besides one playoff game last year. Still, we have had winning seasons for 23 seasons in a row. Let’s hope that is something that will not end this year. A winning season seems to be the best we can hope for at the moment but it could turn out to be a better season if the Yanks make the right moves now. Will Cashman finally get it right enough to turn us into a contender? Or will he live up to recent form and bring in more busts? Time will tell. I don’t think I can take the suspense.

Time will tell. I don’t think I can take the suspense.

I don’t think I can take the suspense.


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