Astros Must Not Give The Knockout Punch This Time

Can we really be talking about how the Yanks are at the point where they face a knockout punch? I mean really? In July? But that is where we are. Heading to Texas to face the Astros who broke Yankee hearts last season. Can they do the same thing again this year?

They are not as good as they were last year. They are definitely a lot less of menace as now they were last season but you should not be complacent. As Joe says time and time again that if you play badly against any major league players they will defeat you. That has happened against such teams as the Rockies who are a lot better than they are made out to be. If you go to their ballpark and act like you have already won then you deserve to lose. That is what happened to the Yanks against Colorado. They should not think that because the Astros are not as dominant as they were last year, that they will win these games. I don’t think the players are doing that.

It has to hurt them that we are already at a must win series before July is even over. But that is what happens when you have played so badly that you lose the way the Yanks have. They can turn it around for sure. But will they? Already there is talk that Chapman will go to the Cubs for two prospects, with the hints that he will be back next season. But I am sad to think that he will be on another team and I hope that he is going to be back next season. It is a pity that they team is in such a state that they are having to get rid of guys instead of bringing someone in to help the team win. I hope they can turn it around. But I also hope that we don’t see Chapman coming into a game in the World Series this autumn. These are the kind of decisions that can bite you in the ass.


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