Trade Rumours Persist Despite Yanks Finding Form

The persistence of trade rumours despite the way that the Yanks have turned their form around, is really starting to bum me out. I mean, one cannot but help feel that the Yankees would not have traded Chapman had they not heard how they should do it from the various media outlets around New York. It made sense that if they were going to trade someone from the team then a guy like Chapman who was an expiring contract, and very desirable from a baseball point of view was the right choice. I thought that getting rid of Miller was a stupid move. I am glad they decided not to do something so daft as that. The guy is team player and is a great relief pitcher too.

The next player that was tradeable was, of course, Beltran who has had a phenomenal year with the bat and is an expiring contract also. The problem with trading him rests in the fact that he is the only player to be really giving us an offence, besides Didi who has been the Yankee MVP of the season in my books. I have an idea about the way that Beltran has turned the season around. I am suspicious of the way he was at one point one of our most underwhelming bats for the first two years of his contract with the Yankees and how his best season happens to be the one before he goes into free agency. There is something about his turnaround that seems to have the ring of window dressing. Obviously, if he went into free agency on the back of his last years’ work he would most likely not get a contract never mind the idea of being able to demand a high price for one. So I cannot help but feel that he has been underperforming the last two years and is only giving his best now that it is in his best interests. But despite my reservations about his commitments to the team, I feel that he should not be traded. Otherwise, who would be hitting for us?

The other name that seems to stand out as a trade prospect is Ivan Nova who has been a Yankee since being picked up as a rookie free agent back in 2004. He has been a hot and cold kind of pitcher and might not get the same kind of returns as the Chapman trade got for us. But we might get something for his arm from a struggling team who needs a pitcher. So trading him might just be a good move.

However, I don’t like the trade talks. If it is a necessary part of the Yankees 2016 season, then so be it. Chapman was a smart move. But I wish that we were so good that trading him was not even an option. Maybe he will come back to the Bronx next year. I can’t wait for the trade deadline to come. Maybe then we can get on with the job of trying to make a challenge for the playoffs without the gloom of trade expectations hanging over us. I love the team we have for the most part. When A-Rod Teixera and Beltran go, we will have more money around and places for some of the homegrown younger guys to have a shot. But for now I love this team and even if we fail to get to the playoffs, finishing with a winning record for the 27th season in a row would be something to brag about, given how bad we were to start with. Go Yanks.


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