Yanks Capitulate With Miller Trade

I am spitting mad at this hairbrained pointless trade. The Yankees traded our, no baseball’s, best relief pitcher for four prospects in a move that reminds me of the scene in Apollo 13 when things are going belly up and one of the poindexters in Heuston fling the contents of his pockets on the table and demands that they find something to fix the problem. A scene which depicts the wild railing one does when faced with a deteriorating situation in which they have no ideas or no ability to fix it. That is basically what Cashman has resorted to doing. He is emptying his pockets and dumping all the best this team has in some mindless attempt at looking like he is doing something. But he has done nothing.

In trading Miller, he has shown that he and the front office of the club have not only given up on getting into the postseason this year, but they have also given up on winning games. Andrew Miller was one of three players we could count on this season. Didi and Beltran were the other two. Castro added to the mix as has Ellsbury with his defence. Betances has been reliable too. But offensively, for the most part, the team has been a joke, and our starting pitchers have all been so up and down. The only thing that we knew was dependable was the loyal, team-first mindset of Andrew Miller.

What did we get for Miller?  Not a whole lot to be honest. We got four prospects from the Indians. But they are the kind of guys that we will not see for possibly four years. This the way Cashman seems to be going and he is very smug and happy with himself while being surprised that the teams he has put together these past three years have been for the most part massively disappointing.

I cannot understand just why he traded Miller. He was a player who would have helped us this year to win games, and would have helped us next year too. None of the guys we got from the trade will be of use to this team next year or the year later. As if this wasn’t a big smack in the face for us to lose Miller we also get the added insult from Cashman of seeing him trade a prospect for someone like Tyler Clippard who is nothing. I’m sorry for saying that about Tyler, but he is not going to bring anything relevant to the team and for Cashman to act like this acquisition is a great addition on the same day that we lost Miller is a joke.

I also cannot help but laugh when I hear him say that the Yankees have not given up on this year because they haven’t traded Beltran, while they are still taking calls for just about any player on the team. That tells me that they have given up on the team because if they were not giving up on the team they would say strongly that they were not taking calls and would, in fact, be out there making the damn calls to find players to fix the pathetic mess that Cashman has built over the past three years.

To say this is a good trade now is as much a premature celebration as George W Bush standing on the deck of that USS Abraham Lincoln. We have no way of knowing if this will work out down the line. It is that simple. But what we do know is that this move hurts the team now, and for the next few seasons. It may even go down as one of the worst trades in baseball history since Boston traded George Herman Ruth.

I am now just going to say what I am thinking… fire Brian Cashman. Enough is enough of this clown screwing things up with this team. We the paying fans deserve better than the muck he is spewing. To be expected to cheer for a team that has been sabotaged by its GM and owner, and to pay for the privilege while they keep putting clowns like Ackley, Drew, and Headley as great finds. Trading great closers and signing Tyler flippen Clippard to replace them. It is enough to give up on the team, stop listening and start paying attention to the Jets. I hate feeling like I can’t be bothered. But right now I do not feel much amped for the game. I will listen, but I am far from happy and just hope that come this off season Cashman is fired from the team. I wish he was fired before the season ends. Because to be outplayed by Tampa… that tells you just how bad this team is, and it is ALL Brian Cashman’s fault.


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