The Dust Settles On The Miller Trade, But We Still Wait For More More Trades and More Spin From Cashman as To Why They Haven’t Given Up On This Season

I get that the trading of Chapman and Miller brought something to the farm system. Some of the guys they got have the makings of some great players in the future. But call me old fashioned. I like the comfort of having a sure thing. Trading one of the best closers in baseball is hard to believe when you are trying to sell the idea of this team being relevant to the fans. Trading the two best closers in baseball is ludicrous. The Yankees did just that.

Yes, they are building up a good youth movement. But didn’t we already have a good youth movement in place? We keep hearing about these kids knocking around in the minors and how great they are, but we just don’t see them. Refsnyder has been an exciting player but he has not really had a whole lot of opportunities to do anything and that is evident in how low his numbers are. Greg Bird was sold to the fans as one exciting reason to buy season tickets last December only for us to be told in January that he was out for the season because the medical staff didn’t pick up on an injury he got playing for the Yanks in May until it was too late. All but robbing the fans. That was the first deflating moment of the new year and the Yanks have given us a whole bunch of deflating moments.

Yesterday’s trade has taken the life out of the clubhouse, and out of the fans. Or most of the fans anyway. There are some that think it is a great move and I get why they are thinking it is a great move. But even Cashman provided the caveat to this trade being a good one in his long winded self-serving conference call yesterday. He said that as long as the kids stayed healthy and as long as they progressed this would be a great trade for the future.

There are far too many ifs in that scenario to justify trading Miller who was tied to the club for two years and short of a major case of the yips would have been a massive tool in helping the Yankees win games. Because that is the point, we still want to win games. I don’t see how the Yankees are going to do that now. We have no faith in the starting rotation because they have been awful. We have no faith in the offence who can’t seem to score but just hit into double plays and leave men in scoring position all the time. The bullpen was the one thing we could be confident with and as had been the case all the Yanks needed was just one run in the seventh and then DMC came to the party and saved the win for us.

Sure they were a luxury because our hitters didn’t do anything. But rather than find guys who could hit, or drop the hitless wonders down to Scranton and replace them with kids who would maybe do better. Cashman got rid of our strong point and has left the team weak as hell going into a Subway Series. He hinted that we may see Clint Frazier in the big leagues this season, probably in September when the roster expands, or next year. But even then chances are we may only see him during Spring Training and the September roster expansion, while the other kids will not be seen in the league for another two to four years time.

Cashman pointed to his getting Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard as signs that the Yanks had not given up on the season, and next year too. But to try and make out that those two guys are anything the fans should be happy about spending a whole lot of money to see, is a joke. They are nothing like the guys they are replacing. And Betances is not a closer. The move to make him one will most likely take a while to work out and even then it may not work out. This Miller trade could be one that hurts us a lot more than all the optimism for the future can cover. To also say that they had not waved a white flag on the season while fielding calls for Beltran, including talks with Boston are sure signs that despite all the talk they have given up. We should trade A-Rod, or Headley to Boston, to get them back for trading us Drew in 2014 when we were in the hunt for the postseason. That was another Cashman trade that hurt the team more than it helped, like the Ackley trade of last year too, which saw us bring in a guy that Cashman said would help this team hit and get to the postseason, only for him to announce less than a day after he became a Yankee that Ackley was to go under the knife and miss out on playing time due to a spinal injury. And what became of Ackley? Has he fallen into the void?

Joe Girardi has said that he has not quit on the season and the players had better not see it as a white flag. But they played so damn flat last night that it was not easy to tune into the game and even then I could not follow it, and was not invested in it. After all, we are basically being told to root for a bunch of guys who are playing so badly that they would most likely have struggled to get onto the Yankees teams during the early 40s when they were made up of stop gap guys who filled in for the big stars who were away fighting the Nazis and Japanese. Joe has to say that, and I believe him. He will not give up because he is a competitor and will not lie down. Nor will he expect that from the players. But I cannot help but pity him because he is in a loser’s situation. The great prospects we got for a guy who could help us not have a disastrous season now, and for the two years after that is gone. This team will fail. They will probably not even finish with a winning record this year at the rate they are going and it will be down to Joe, not Brian where it should be. He will be judged unfairly by Yankees fans who have watched the team go downhill these past few years and will not see that Cashman was behind it. He will get the credit if the youth movement pays off. Joe won’t get the credit of doing a damn good job with a bunch of useless overpaid has-beens who seemed to quit.

With only hours of trading left before the deadline, there is a lot that could happen. Trading Beltran is the last sign that this team will be deemed a bust. Then they will be playing only for pride, and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of pride in them. For now, I have changed my expectations for this season. Finish no more than 5 games under 500 and for Pete’s sake don’t come last in the AL East. If they do that, then I will not be too unhappy. Only thing is that I cannot count on them to do that, and it sucks.


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