The Last Word On The Trade Deadline

Okay, so I have written a fair bit about the Yankees trade route for the last week or more. I had said that if they wanted to trade then Chapman, Beltran were their best bets and they did trade them for three and three prospects respectively. Adam Warren was one the fourth guy we got for Chapman. The other trade that made sense was Nova who was also facing free agency at the end of the season for two players to be named later. These made sense and given the fact that all four could be bought back by the club they are in effect more like two month rentals. They were good moves and while it is clear that only one of the four guys we got for Chapman is a top notch guy, the trades showed us how Cashman is good at doing this kind of thing. Finding the talent in the minors.

The trade that I did not want and was not happy to see happen was Miller who had been one of our best and most dependable players the last two years and had two more years to the contract. Trading him was on the cards. He had a large volume of interest, apparently as far back as Spring Trading, and given how bad the Yankees played this year it seemed to me that the wolves were getting closer to the door, and Cashman who has had his heart set on rebuilding could ignore them any longer. So Miller was traded and moved more by the anger at losing a great player in exchange for four guys who were unproven and then having Cashman say that his signing Tyler Clippard was a sign that this season wasn’t a dead season.

First I shall point out that Cashman saying he is surprised at how bad this season turned out seems a little too false for me. He made some good moves, in landing Castro. How good Hicks is, remains to be seen. But I am not sure he will work out. But this season has worked out exactly how he had planned it to be. Because he knew that he would be selling when the trade deadline arrived. That is why he was making overtures to different clubs as far back as Spring Training for Miller and Chapman. He was set up for these trades and has done some very good work. But drop the act. Don’t sell us this season as one you expect to make the playoffs when you have clearly given up on it, and had no inclination of it being a postseason year from the get go. Don’t act like you haven’t designed this team to fail from as far back as last year. I have to believe that you planned it to be this bad because if you hadn’t then you are a complete idiot to have made the moves you made since as far back as 2013. You must have known Brian. So stop selling us a pony and telling us it is a thoroughbred. This year’s Yankee team is a washout.

Second the trades, they have been great. He loaded up the farm with some good talent, and with some not so good talent. Whether all of those guys go to play for the Yankees remains to be seen. I don’t think they will. There are a handful of guys who will if they keep fit and progress, as Brian had the good sense to add when talking about the trades, make it to the Bronx. But there are too many ifs in the scenario that could make what looks like a good trade now into a bad one in the future. The unknowable is not better than the certain. Many say these trades were good. They are good, on paper. But will they work out?

I am happy that the team is moving towards youth and athleticism. But I am not happy that we were sold this team as a championship team when they were clearly set up to fail so that Cashman could go about his agenda. To lose Miller was a blow, to be expected to root for a bunch of guys who are not good enough anymore is tough. The only good point is that Cashman has said he is going to give some of the kids a chance. It is about time. I hope it is before September. We need something to cheer for, and this team so far has failed us fans. Winning last night in the first game of the Subway Season was a good move too, in lifting the fans. We need small victories like that for the rest of the season.

My projections of what will make this season a success have been revived. Finish fourth in the division, and finish five games over .500. The projections I had for the start of the season was to finish over .750 and make the wildcard.


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