NYY 9- NYM 5 In Subway Series Game Three

Game three of the Subway Series moved the action across town to the Bronx and boy did the Yankees need the comfort of being back home after what was not a good road trip in the end. The series was shared one game each before last night and it looked like it was going to be a long night when during the top of the second Rivera had scored a RBI and Granderson had walked.

It looked like the game was going to fall away from the Yankees. Green had pitched himself into some tight jams in the first two half innings of the game but was backed up by some good fielding when a double play helped him out of the first and neutralised the threat in the second.

Then they were able to get a lead when they were Mark hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the second. After that, the game was never in any doubt for this game, other than a slight blip in the 7th when Severino pitched himself into some trouble but boy did he do good to get out of it and the wWE went over 80 for the Yankees and never went below it meaning that the Yanks had the control of the game. For the most part, they were in control of the game but the 7th was the point of no return.

The bench-clearing antics in the 5th when Teixeira was hit by a pitch from Matz that looked somewhat intentional and sparked a bit of fire to the series was reminiscent of the early 00s when Clemens was throwing the ball at Piazza or when he and Pedro were duking it out in the greatest rivalry in baseball if not in all sport. This was a great game for Yankees fans starved of something to cheer for. If they beat the Mets tonight, then, they will have won the Subway Series and we will be the kings of the City and that is something worth bragging about. It’s the little things that we can celebrate. Sure were bad this year, but rubbing it into the Mets fans faces at water coolers and other places that they were not able to beat us is something that will mean a whole bunch to Yanks fans. Go Yanks.

Go Yanks.

Watch the Recap of The Yanks winning Game Three of The Subway Series


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