Could Teixeira Be Retiring?Or Are A Lot Of Bloggers Being Very Premature?

The Yanks have announced that there will be a press conference today at 3pm involving Mark Teixeira. The rumours, of course, are that it is to announce the retirement of the first baseman who in the past was an explosive part of the Yankees lineup, but the past five years have seen more OW! that POW! from him.

But until we hear what he has got to say there is no point in speculating about retiring. There are lots of people who have said that he is going to retire, though how they could know that is beyond me given the conference has not happened. For all we know he could be announcing that he has extended his contract another one, three, or five years. We just don’t know. So I am laughing at other bloggers who have already announced that he is retiring, before saying the conference to announce it will be held later. I admire their crystal ball.

If it is the end of his career then it is a sad one. He was robbed of a better end by injuries and a poor training staff that could have helped keep him on the field playing. The numbers he put up were good, but they could have been better and it is sad that as the Yanks limp through a terrible season, one of our finest players could be limping out of the game after a lame duck year. Still, if it is an announcement to retire, what a better time to do it than after that Mets series in which he played such a massive role in a great game. I for one am grateful to him for helping us win the 2009 World Series, and for being such a good Yankee. If it is to announce that he is extending his contract with us for a few more years then I wish him well, because when he plays well the team does well.

But for all the speculation and early declarations… get a grip. Let him speak first before you declare to all that he is going to retire. It is just bad journalism to tell people something before it has even happened.


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