Randy Levine Has Got To Go

The run into the season has only just gotten into gear, and already the Yankees are on a collision course with their fans. The reason?

Randy Levine, the president of the Yankees since 2000 has made no secret of the contempt he has for Betances during the arbitration process which has just finished. Not only did he devalue the impact that one of the finest players in the game the last three seasons has had, and his subsequent net worth in offering far less than the relief pitcher was asking for, he also made a point of taunting and dismissing just how good he was, even going so far to blame him for the Yanks failure to make a significant run into the play-offs.

Now it is one thing to try and get the services of a player for less than the player wants, that is the business aspect of the game. The player thinks he is worth more, the team while maybe agreeing that he is worth a lot of money, tries all the same, to pay him less. That is just business. But Levine showed that he was not just being a business man. He made it personal, and it stands to reason that such is his contempt for the players that he has no shame in slamming players in public. It is obvious that this clown does not like the sport, know anything about the sport, nor does he care about the team. He is only in it for the job and the paycheque.

He forgets that the game, the team, and even the players will live longer in the minds and collective storytelling than some pathetic little wraith that hides away in a cave or office only showing up when there is a world series to be played in. When he is fired from the team he will be forgotten.

And if we are looking to blame anyone for the way the Yanks have sucked these past twenty years we only have to look at Levine and those like him. He took over as team president in 2000, and since then he won only two world series titles with a team that had been the best for years. If he could not win a world series with the team he took over in 2000 then he would never have won, that the only team he had a hand in running completely was the 2009 Yankees and has failed to put together a winning team that had not existed as champions previously is a damning indictment that he has no place in this team, and yes it is true that the GM would and should carry most of the blame for this, his role in running the Yankees into mediocrity, married with the disdain he has for the players and fans by carrying on the way he has done, especially with the Betances affair, makes it clear for all to see. He has got to go. He is a failure.

I know the Yankees don’t seem to respect their fans, at least those who run the team don’t respect us, the forget that a lot of the revenue they get is from us and without us they would not exist, but they do not respect us or our opinions. The players do. That is why we will always go with the players in times like these. But if the Yanks want to do something that shows they care about the fans, then they should get rid of Levine. His act is low rent, and more suitable for the Cardinals, or maybe even the White Sox.

To Dellin I can only say one thing. We the fans are with you. We do not hold the same low regard for you that Levine has shown he has. We think you are the best relief pitcher in the game and deserve more than what you have been given in payment, and in treatment by the Yankees. We beg you not to play for them, but to play for us. Don’t pitch with less intensity, or bide your time until you leave the Yanks, but play for us and stick with us. You will live long in the hearts of the Yankees fans longer than Levine will. He will be forgotten the minute he finishes loading his cardboard box and shuffles out of the office into ignominy. You will be in Monument Park the year after you retire… we will see to it.


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