Spring Break: 2017

There are many signs that the Yankees have turned the corner as far as their offensive malaise goes. For one thing, they are showing a lot more power at the plate over the past three seasons. They are hitting well and are converting the men on bases into runs batted in. I really like the arrival of Holiday. He really has shown what makes him a good hitter and gets the bat on the ball well and while he is not a power hitter in the home run sense of a power hitter. But boy has he brought some pop to the lineup that was missing. I also like the arrival of Chris Carter too.

So too has Greg Bird and Sanchez. The pitchers have also been great so far, really offering something for the fans to feel good about. The feel good factor that rejuvenated the Yankees season after “the kids” were brought up to the Bronx has continued to lift the spirits of the team and the fans. Sure the spring games are never really anything to go by but from the point of view as to what the players are doing independent of the wins, there is definitely something for us fans to get excited about this season. That is something that the Yankees have not really given their fans of late. Come what may, whether it is a rebuilding season or not, it sure looks like it will be fun to watch the Yankees this season. I have to take it all back, Brian Cashman has certainly shown us, critics, of his just how little we knew and how much he knew. I take it all back Brian.