The Yankees Have A Good Day

Well finally! For most Yankees fans yesterday was a pretty good day. They did two things right that they needed to do in order to stay in the chase. The first one was to win a game. Boston has not been able to pull too far ahead in the division which has helped the Yankees in no small way but only if they were able to win their games. Which they did last night.

Sure yesterday’s game was no different than game one. The Yanks had a pitcher who looked shaky and uncertain on the mound and was likely to blow the game, in fact, his 1st inning was so bad that it really felt like we were going to lose this game right there, but he got out of that horror show giving up only one run… think about that, ONE RUN! He walked three guys, hit Sano, and in between managed to get the outs needed to keep it down to just one run. He really looked like someone who could have given away a mountain of runs, but yet was able to keep it down to just three in the end. It was almost a replay of the 1st game of the series. Suspect and nervous pitching that was just good enough to keep the score to a minimum and keep the Yanks in the game. All it needed was some scoring. Mitchell didn’t get that run support, but this time things were different.

That it was not Cessa who finally lost the plot but Colon was the shock of the evening, and in the fifth inning he gave up the game to the Yankees who finally saw some scoring action, they scored 5 runs in the 5th to add to the one they had put on the boards in the 4th. Shreve had replaced Cessa by then and was given the win. Warren and Betances got their 8th and 10th holds respectively and then the ball was turned over the Chapman. It seems as if the Cuban Missile’s crisis is finally over because his last few outings to the mound have seen him pitch well and not give up any runs, and while he did walk one batter, he didn’t give up any hits and recorded his 10th save of the season.

The second thing that Yankees did was off the field. Cashman who had spoken about his desire to be cautious buyers had gone to the White Sox who are having something of a bargain clear out at the moment and got for themselves three players who could be just the tonic for this Yankee team. It was a trade move that we would have seen Cashman making back in the glory days of the 1990s. He traded Blake Rutherford, Tito Polo, Ian Clarkin, and Tyler Clippard (Yes you read right, TYLER CLIPPARD) and in return, he got David Robertson back, Todd Frazier, and Tommy Kahnle.

Frazier who once took the field as a little league champion with Jeter and who grew up a Yankees fan is a great fit for this team and was the name on the list that excited me the most, even if he goes into free agency at the end of the season. As indeed was Robertson who had been the protege of Mo back in the day and who it is hoped will help stabilise the bullpen which leads the league in blown saves. Kahnle also is a player who has a connection to the Yankees in that he had been drafted by them in 2010, but was then drafted by the Rockies in the 2013 rule 5 draft before being traded to the White Sox in 2015. He looks like a good addition to the pitching staff and his 60 strike outs in 36 innings is definitely something to get excited about.

Even better, in my opinion, is the fact Cashman went out and did this trade now, not waiting until the deadline, but seeing that there was a need for some guys he went out there and got them before the team sunk out of the race.

Yes, yesterday was a good day for the Yankees. They made the right moves on and off the field and while I hope Mitchell and Cessa get to have more chances to pitch in the big leagues this year because that is what will settle their pitching down and help them progress I am delighted with the trade. Also I hope we see more of Cooper because I like the kid and have been impressed with his batting and his work on 1st. Cashman has done some good work the last week and has not given up some of our better-known prospects to do so. I hope this is the mark where we will look back and see the turning point for this season. The Yankees are once again looking like contenders. Let’s hope it will translate well on the field.


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