Series Review: Yanks in Minesotta

Yankees @ Twins July 17-19 2017

I am struggling to find new ways to say the same thing about the Yankees. This series really was a microcosm of the problems they have had all season long. Starting pitching has been shaky at times, yet brilliant at others. The maddening thing about it is that often the pitchers have had made quick work of getting the first two hitters of the innings out, but on a two out situation they lose focus or have some kind of breakdown or something, and they just end up with the other team getting runs on the board that should not be there.

The Yankees put three rather inexperienced pitchers on the mound during this series. Mitchell, Cessa, and Montgomery are all still rather young and have at most two years experience in the Majors. So they were expected to struggle and to be honest most people did not give the Yanks that much chance of winning these games. But the pitchers helped. Even Montgomery who gave up six runs in the second innings of game three managed to hold the score down after that and apart from that melt down in the second he actually did a good job. Mitchell and Cessa did struggle too, but they kept the runs down to three.

The Yankees could have won game one, but the pen lost that. They could have won game three too if they had hit more runs, they had a whole bunch of time to score the runs. I have to be honest the lack of power is the most frustrating thing and the capitulation of game three was the worst thing. The one run they got on the board came in the seventh inning and was so tame in my books that it was a squib.

There was some great fielding from Judge, Torreyes and Cooper in particular. There was some good batting too, but the series was lost and it was all down to the same problems that have seen all through the season. Dodgy pitching, or no scores. That was the tale of this series, and yet even with this, the Yankees are still in touch when it comes to the race, which to be honest none of us really thought was going to happen this year, it was meant to be a down year.

The biggest news this series was the move by Cashman to bring in Frazier, Robertson, and Kahnle for prospects and Clippard. He has done all he can to add to the team and perhaps if he gets one decent starter to fill in that fifth spot in the rotation then if the Yanks fail it will be on the players and the coaches, not it will not on the front office for a change.

But this was a frustrating series, and the Yankees will rue the missed chances they had. They could have won two games easily but blew it. I know Fangraphs had them down as losing each game but I think this is a series they will kick themselves over.


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