New York Welcome The Reds With A Win

Condensed Game Cincinnati at Yankees

The Yankees welcomed Cincinnati to the Bronx last night. It was a tight game that got a whole lot closer when Betances pitched himself into a whole lot of problems. But Warren and Chapman managed to close things out for the win.

This was a great game. It had everything in it. There was a balk, a triple play, a great play at third by Chase Headley, and a massive lucky break when Zack Cozart had to settle for third base in the fifth when had he not had a calf problem he would have made home easy and levelled the score. That lucky break kept the Yankees with a single run lead until Didi blasted one out of the park for the final run of the game giving Chapman a two run lead to defend. That was the key moment of the game and it went the right way for the Yankees. Montgomery got the win, Chapman gets the win and I give Didi Gregorius the MVP of the game.

It was a great win. Click on the link above to see the best of the action.


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