The Last Word On The Trade Deadline

Okay, so I have written a fair bit about the Yankees trade route for the last week or more. I had said that if they wanted to trade then Chapman, Beltran were their best bets and they did trade them for three and three prospects respectively. Adam Warren was one the fourth guy we got for Chapman. The other trade that made sense was Nova who was also facing free agency at the end of the season for two players to be named later. These made sense and given the fact that all four could be bought back by the club they are in effect more like two month rentals. They were good moves and while it is clear that only one of the four guys we got for Chapman is a top notch guy, the trades showed us how Cashman is good at doing this kind of thing. Finding the talent in the minors.

The trade that I did not want and was not happy to see happen was Miller who had been one of our best and most dependable players the last two years and had two more years to the contract. Trading him was on the cards. He had a large volume of interest, apparently as far back as Spring Trading, and given how bad the Yankees played this year it seemed to me that the wolves were getting closer to the door, and Cashman who has had his heart set on rebuilding could ignore them any longer. So Miller was traded and moved more by the anger at losing a great player in exchange for four guys who were unproven and then having Cashman say that his signing Tyler Clippard was a sign that this season wasn’t a dead season.

First I shall point out that Cashman saying he is surprised at how bad this season turned out seems a little too false for me. He made some good moves, in landing Castro. How good Hicks is, remains to be seen. But I am not sure he will work out. But this season has worked out exactly how he had planned it to be. Because he knew that he would be selling when the trade deadline arrived. That is why he was making overtures to different clubs as far back as Spring Training for Miller and Chapman. He was set up for these trades and has done some very good work. But drop the act. Don’t sell us this season as one you expect to make the playoffs when you have clearly given up on it, and had no inclination of it being a postseason year from the get go. Don’t act like you haven’t designed this team to fail from as far back as last year. I have to believe that you planned it to be this bad because if you hadn’t then you are a complete idiot to have made the moves you made since as far back as 2013. You must have known Brian. So stop selling us a pony and telling us it is a thoroughbred. This year’s Yankee team is a washout.

Second the trades, they have been great. He loaded up the farm with some good talent, and with some not so good talent. Whether all of those guys go to play for the Yankees remains to be seen. I don’t think they will. There are a handful of guys who will if they keep fit and progress, as Brian had the good sense to add when talking about the trades, make it to the Bronx. But there are too many ifs in the scenario that could make what looks like a good trade now into a bad one in the future. The unknowable is not better than the certain. Many say these trades were good. They are good, on paper. But will they work out?

I am happy that the team is moving towards youth and athleticism. But I am not happy that we were sold this team as a championship team when they were clearly set up to fail so that Cashman could go about his agenda. To lose Miller was a blow, to be expected to root for a bunch of guys who are not good enough anymore is tough. The only good point is that Cashman has said he is going to give some of the kids a chance. It is about time. I hope it is before September. We need something to cheer for, and this team so far has failed us fans. Winning last night in the first game of the Subway Season was a good move too, in lifting the fans. We need small victories like that for the rest of the season.

My projections of what will make this season a success have been revived. Finish fourth in the division, and finish five games over .500. The projections I had for the start of the season was to finish over .750 and make the wildcard.

The Dust Settles On The Miller Trade, But We Still Wait For More More Trades and More Spin From Cashman as To Why They Haven’t Given Up On This Season

I get that the trading of Chapman and Miller brought something to the farm system. Some of the guys they got have the makings of some great players in the future. But call me old fashioned. I like the comfort of having a sure thing. Trading one of the best closers in baseball is hard to believe when you are trying to sell the idea of this team being relevant to the fans. Trading the two best closers in baseball is ludicrous. The Yankees did just that.

Yes, they are building up a good youth movement. But didn’t we already have a good youth movement in place? We keep hearing about these kids knocking around in the minors and how great they are, but we just don’t see them. Refsnyder has been an exciting player but he has not really had a whole lot of opportunities to do anything and that is evident in how low his numbers are. Greg Bird was sold to the fans as one exciting reason to buy season tickets last December only for us to be told in January that he was out for the season because the medical staff didn’t pick up on an injury he got playing for the Yanks in May until it was too late. All but robbing the fans. That was the first deflating moment of the new year and the Yanks have given us a whole bunch of deflating moments.

Yesterday’s trade has taken the life out of the clubhouse, and out of the fans. Or most of the fans anyway. There are some that think it is a great move and I get why they are thinking it is a great move. But even Cashman provided the caveat to this trade being a good one in his long winded self-serving conference call yesterday. He said that as long as the kids stayed healthy and as long as they progressed this would be a great trade for the future.

There are far too many ifs in that scenario to justify trading Miller who was tied to the club for two years and short of a major case of the yips would have been a massive tool in helping the Yankees win games. Because that is the point, we still want to win games. I don’t see how the Yankees are going to do that now. We have no faith in the starting rotation because they have been awful. We have no faith in the offence who can’t seem to score but just hit into double plays and leave men in scoring position all the time. The bullpen was the one thing we could be confident with and as had been the case all the Yanks needed was just one run in the seventh and then DMC came to the party and saved the win for us.

Sure they were a luxury because our hitters didn’t do anything. But rather than find guys who could hit, or drop the hitless wonders down to Scranton and replace them with kids who would maybe do better. Cashman got rid of our strong point and has left the team weak as hell going into a Subway Series. He hinted that we may see Clint Frazier in the big leagues this season, probably in September when the roster expands, or next year. But even then chances are we may only see him during Spring Training and the September roster expansion, while the other kids will not be seen in the league for another two to four years time.

Cashman pointed to his getting Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard as signs that the Yanks had not given up on the season, and next year too. But to try and make out that those two guys are anything the fans should be happy about spending a whole lot of money to see, is a joke. They are nothing like the guys they are replacing. And Betances is not a closer. The move to make him one will most likely take a while to work out and even then it may not work out. This Miller trade could be one that hurts us a lot more than all the optimism for the future can cover. To also say that they had not waved a white flag on the season while fielding calls for Beltran, including talks with Boston are sure signs that despite all the talk they have given up. We should trade A-Rod, or Headley to Boston, to get them back for trading us Drew in 2014 when we were in the hunt for the postseason. That was another Cashman trade that hurt the team more than it helped, like the Ackley trade of last year too, which saw us bring in a guy that Cashman said would help this team hit and get to the postseason, only for him to announce less than a day after he became a Yankee that Ackley was to go under the knife and miss out on playing time due to a spinal injury. And what became of Ackley? Has he fallen into the void?

Joe Girardi has said that he has not quit on the season and the players had better not see it as a white flag. But they played so damn flat last night that it was not easy to tune into the game and even then I could not follow it, and was not invested in it. After all, we are basically being told to root for a bunch of guys who are playing so badly that they would most likely have struggled to get onto the Yankees teams during the early 40s when they were made up of stop gap guys who filled in for the big stars who were away fighting the Nazis and Japanese. Joe has to say that, and I believe him. He will not give up because he is a competitor and will not lie down. Nor will he expect that from the players. But I cannot help but pity him because he is in a loser’s situation. The great prospects we got for a guy who could help us not have a disastrous season now, and for the two years after that is gone. This team will fail. They will probably not even finish with a winning record this year at the rate they are going and it will be down to Joe, not Brian where it should be. He will be judged unfairly by Yankees fans who have watched the team go downhill these past few years and will not see that Cashman was behind it. He will get the credit if the youth movement pays off. Joe won’t get the credit of doing a damn good job with a bunch of useless overpaid has-beens who seemed to quit.

With only hours of trading left before the deadline, there is a lot that could happen. Trading Beltran is the last sign that this team will be deemed a bust. Then they will be playing only for pride, and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of pride in them. For now, I have changed my expectations for this season. Finish no more than 5 games under 500 and for Pete’s sake don’t come last in the AL East. If they do that, then I will not be too unhappy. Only thing is that I cannot count on them to do that, and it sucks.

Yanks Capitulate With Miller Trade

I am spitting mad at this hairbrained pointless trade. The Yankees traded our, no baseball’s, best relief pitcher for four prospects in a move that reminds me of the scene in Apollo 13 when things are going belly up and one of the poindexters in Heuston fling the contents of his pockets on the table and demands that they find something to fix the problem. A scene which depicts the wild railing one does when faced with a deteriorating situation in which they have no ideas or no ability to fix it. That is basically what Cashman has resorted to doing. He is emptying his pockets and dumping all the best this team has in some mindless attempt at looking like he is doing something. But he has done nothing.

In trading Miller, he has shown that he and the front office of the club have not only given up on getting into the postseason this year, but they have also given up on winning games. Andrew Miller was one of three players we could count on this season. Didi and Beltran were the other two. Castro added to the mix as has Ellsbury with his defence. Betances has been reliable too. But offensively, for the most part, the team has been a joke, and our starting pitchers have all been so up and down. The only thing that we knew was dependable was the loyal, team-first mindset of Andrew Miller.

What did we get for Miller?  Not a whole lot to be honest. We got four prospects from the Indians. But they are the kind of guys that we will not see for possibly four years. This the way Cashman seems to be going and he is very smug and happy with himself while being surprised that the teams he has put together these past three years have been for the most part massively disappointing.

I cannot understand just why he traded Miller. He was a player who would have helped us this year to win games, and would have helped us next year too. None of the guys we got from the trade will be of use to this team next year or the year later. As if this wasn’t a big smack in the face for us to lose Miller we also get the added insult from Cashman of seeing him trade a prospect for someone like Tyler Clippard who is nothing. I’m sorry for saying that about Tyler, but he is not going to bring anything relevant to the team and for Cashman to act like this acquisition is a great addition on the same day that we lost Miller is a joke.

I also cannot help but laugh when I hear him say that the Yankees have not given up on this year because they haven’t traded Beltran, while they are still taking calls for just about any player on the team. That tells me that they have given up on the team because if they were not giving up on the team they would say strongly that they were not taking calls and would, in fact, be out there making the damn calls to find players to fix the pathetic mess that Cashman has built over the past three years.

To say this is a good trade now is as much a premature celebration as George W Bush standing on the deck of that USS Abraham Lincoln. We have no way of knowing if this will work out down the line. It is that simple. But what we do know is that this move hurts the team now, and for the next few seasons. It may even go down as one of the worst trades in baseball history since Boston traded George Herman Ruth.

I am now just going to say what I am thinking… fire Brian Cashman. Enough is enough of this clown screwing things up with this team. We the paying fans deserve better than the muck he is spewing. To be expected to cheer for a team that has been sabotaged by its GM and owner, and to pay for the privilege while they keep putting clowns like Ackley, Drew, and Headley as great finds. Trading great closers and signing Tyler flippen Clippard to replace them. It is enough to give up on the team, stop listening and start paying attention to the Jets. I hate feeling like I can’t be bothered. But right now I do not feel much amped for the game. I will listen, but I am far from happy and just hope that come this off season Cashman is fired from the team. I wish he was fired before the season ends. Because to be outplayed by Tampa… that tells you just how bad this team is, and it is ALL Brian Cashman’s fault.

Trade Rumours Persist Despite Yanks Finding Form

The persistence of trade rumours despite the way that the Yanks have turned their form around, is really starting to bum me out. I mean, one cannot but help feel that the Yankees would not have traded Chapman had they not heard how they should do it from the various media outlets around New York. It made sense that if they were going to trade someone from the team then a guy like Chapman who was an expiring contract, and very desirable from a baseball point of view was the right choice. I thought that getting rid of Miller was a stupid move. I am glad they decided not to do something so daft as that. The guy is team player and is a great relief pitcher too.

The next player that was tradeable was, of course, Beltran who has had a phenomenal year with the bat and is an expiring contract also. The problem with trading him rests in the fact that he is the only player to be really giving us an offence, besides Didi who has been the Yankee MVP of the season in my books. I have an idea about the way that Beltran has turned the season around. I am suspicious of the way he was at one point one of our most underwhelming bats for the first two years of his contract with the Yankees and how his best season happens to be the one before he goes into free agency. There is something about his turnaround that seems to have the ring of window dressing. Obviously, if he went into free agency on the back of his last years’ work he would most likely not get a contract never mind the idea of being able to demand a high price for one. So I cannot help but feel that he has been underperforming the last two years and is only giving his best now that it is in his best interests. But despite my reservations about his commitments to the team, I feel that he should not be traded. Otherwise, who would be hitting for us?

The other name that seems to stand out as a trade prospect is Ivan Nova who has been a Yankee since being picked up as a rookie free agent back in 2004. He has been a hot and cold kind of pitcher and might not get the same kind of returns as the Chapman trade got for us. But we might get something for his arm from a struggling team who needs a pitcher. So trading him might just be a good move.

However, I don’t like the trade talks. If it is a necessary part of the Yankees 2016 season, then so be it. Chapman was a smart move. But I wish that we were so good that trading him was not even an option. Maybe he will come back to the Bronx next year. I can’t wait for the trade deadline to come. Maybe then we can get on with the job of trying to make a challenge for the playoffs without the gloom of trade expectations hanging over us. I love the team we have for the most part. When A-Rod Teixera and Beltran go, we will have more money around and places for some of the homegrown younger guys to have a shot. But for now I love this team and even if we fail to get to the playoffs, finishing with a winning record for the 27th season in a row would be something to brag about, given how bad we were to start with. Go Yanks.

Yanks should follow Red Sox sell model: Audition these prospects — New York Post

“The world will not end if the Yankees sell, rather than buy, by the Aug. 1 non-waivers trade deadline. Instead, the Yankees might be making a different sort of purchase, an investment that can prove essential to an organization’s long-term health. ” Ken Davidoff

via Yanks should follow Red Sox sell model: Audition these prospects — New York Post

The Yankees failed to win their opening series after the All-Star Break leading to a massive talk about the need to become sellers and not buyers. This is a shift in the Yankee way of thinking of course. Who tend to be the kind of team who go out and buy more players before the trading deadline. The idea of them selling off their players is something that just feels un-Yankee like. They haven’t got a lot of players worth trading at the moment. Look at them, most of their pitchers are not good at worst and not consistent at best. Same can be said about their hitters. Their bullpen is shocking apart from their vaunted three closers. So when it comes down to it, who is there to trade? Beltran and Chapman are the best choices because they are in the final year of their contracts. They are also good enough to be desirable and worth something, and could end up going to a team that is a contender for the playoffs. Cleveland is one such team. Or the Cubs.

Miller is another hotly discussed trade move. But I hope not. We can still get to the playoffs if we don’t panic. We need to get some guys who are hitting. Jettison those who are not. We need to do exactly what Ken Davidoff said in this article in the Post. We need to copy what Boston has done as I have said in my last post, and be ruthless in replacing guys who are not performing with prospects who are, and give them a shot at playing. We also need to think about who we can bring into the team that will do well. Not based on last years figures or a good season three years ago which is how Cashman seems to operate but find guys who are doing well NOW… THIS SEASON. If the Yankees have decided this season is a dead bust, then they need to get rid of some of the dead weight that is costing the team big money for little in return. They need to give the kids a chance to wet their feet with no fear of failure and start making moves for the future rather than clinging to the past.

The Yanks won. It was great, it was needed. It also was the kind of thing that will galvanise Cashman into thinking he is good, all is well. No need to do anything. Which given how bad his choices have been for the most part these past few years, might be a good thing. But doing nothing for fear of messing up is not a good basis for decisions. The front office has not given the coaches anything to win with. Sure we have some good guys brought in, Ellsbury, Castro, Didi. That’s it. The rest of the moves have stunk like Bigfoot’s armpits. No wonder we have languished outside of contention for ages since 2012 besides one playoff game last year. Still, we have had winning seasons for 23 seasons in a row. Let’s hope that is something that will not end this year. A winning season seems to be the best we can hope for at the moment but it could turn out to be a better season if the Yanks make the right moves now. Will Cashman finally get it right enough to turn us into a contender? Or will he live up to recent form and bring in more busts? Time will tell. I don’t think I can take the suspense.

Time will tell. I don’t think I can take the suspense.

I don’t think I can take the suspense.

21-June-2016 Colorado Come To The Stadium

The Rockies came to the stadium, but the Yankees didn’t. At least not until their half of the first. Nova pitched like he didn’t have a clue and gave away three runs while looking like he didn’t have it in him to ever get them out. He pitched about 35 times in the first inning alone. That was poor.

The hitters did a job to get 4 runs on the board for the Yankees but Nova was so bad that he gave away 5 runs by the time he was pulled in the 5th after giving a double to Gonzalez who then went to third base on a wild pitch to Story who he then walked. But the Yanks went down badly, giving up 8 runs and scoring 4. It shows that had Nova not had such a dire start to the first, then this could have been a better game.

The Yanks look lost. The desire is to turn off and forget about it for another season but I won’t. They are not as bad as they were in the 80s or the 60s/early 70s. So we Yankees fans should just relax. Sit back and enjoy if not a season of success, then enjoy the fact that we are there to see the team battling through a rough patch in the hope that when they do win again, that we are not bandwagon fans as there will be. But we will say that we were there during the worst of it as well as the best of it. I saw the 80s and early 90s. I was unable to cheer along as I wanted to as the Internet is not what it is now. But I can do that now and I will. In the end, you have to keep on rooting for your team.

Yeah be angry, demand things are done. Changes made.  Demand that the old legs are replaced with younger ones who can start a stealing and bunting game. Demand that we start to make moves. The team are in a bad way, but we can make trades and changes that could get us some guys who will shake things up and build for the future. Be annoyed that the owners and GM let it get to the point that we are tied to the guys who are paid millions and are not producing. Rattle the cage, but don’t lie down, don’t give up. That is what I am going to do.