Why Cheer for A-Rod? (Thoughts on Game One of 2015)

The Yanks start was not a great one we had hoped for. They are five down and don’t seem at all likely to hit, never mind score. McCann’s hit in the 4th was the only hit of the game so far. But Tanaka’s pitching isn’t what I want to talk about.Yes it was good to begin with, lost the plot in the 3rd and then went good again before being pulled from the game and the bullpen took the mound.
Nor do I want to talk about the lack of hitting from the Bombers. This is something that I have addressed before many times and it looks likely that I will be talking about it again and again in the coming months. So I will leave this one for the moment. Another thing that I will leave for now is the poor defencive performance of Chase Headley who was not quite up to the standards that we had hoped the defence would live up to. Some of his performance or lack of it should and will be talked about again if it happens again, though I don’t think that it will happen again.
The thing that I want to talk about A-Rod’s reception in his first proper meaningful game back as an MLB player. It is funny but as I wrote this article A-Rod had hit his first single in the Big Leagues since his suspension in the bottom of the 5th. The thing that was outstanding, and confusing to some is the way that he was greeted by the fans.
Sure there were the boos that mingled in with the cheers when he was first announced before the match started. But the welcome he got in his first at bat was remarkable. Though some will be puzzled as to why Yankee fans are so quick to cheer for him the way that they did, I think I have an incling as to why this was the case. It is not necessarily the case that they have forgiven him or that they do not care one bit about what he had done in the past. Most fans know that he is a selfish and vain man. Or so he seems to them. He has behaved in such a way to ruin the legacy that he has built up because even though he draws close to the 3000 hit mark, there is enough doubt about this mark because of his use of PEDs which will make any celebration seem hollow to other fans. Just as other fans will rag on us for cheering him the way we did. But the truth is that we are not cheering for him because we don’t care that he cheated. Because we do. Anyone who cares about the game and the team too. We forgive him for being a cheat however because he has made all the right noises. We cheer for him because we want him to do well, and most important of all, because he is in our gang. All may not be forgotten. But it is  #forg1v3n. When he goes out to play for our team, he is fighting for us, he is in our gang. When you mess with one Yankee then you mess with them all.