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Yanks-Sox​ Rivalry Kicks Off Again

The rivalry had been somewhat nonexistent for a while. The players who had fired it up in the 90s and the 00s had grown up and retired. The Yanks had slipped to mediocrity when the Sox were doing well, and when the Yanks did well the Sox were mediocre. But with the infusion of new blood coming into the teams, there are seeds of a new edition to the rivalry.

We saw that when Headley and Porcello went at it over an attempted triple. It was completely out of the blue kind of stuff, but it saw the benches empty and the fans went wild. Why not. It is about time we have some fire in the team and if the kids get into it then we can get stoked for these games even when nothing is at stake.

Sure we lost the first game. But sometimes it takes a thing like the antics of Porcello to wake up the players and the win last night is something that we should take delight in. However, I think the next thing would be beating them tonight.

On a side note, does anyone else think that Benintendi looked like Dr Zira, the woman ape in the 1960s Planet of the Apes? I mean I know it’s almost a point of principle that when a guy goes to the Sox he has to grow his hair, and maybe bust some hipster style facials. It’s a lame attempt at being the “Anti-Yankees” but seriously, sometimes it just doesn’t work and this guy while playing a good game for his debut, looked wrong. Welcome to the rivalry Benintendi.

Thanks To A Great Champion


So Mark did announce he was retiring from the game. All the pre-conference hype was right. All the talk about trading him, about how unhealthy he is, how he is not hitting, blah blah bladdy-de-blah can finally stop and now we as fans can celebrate the career of a man who quietly went about playing the game he loved and being a consummate professional. He was never a problem, never a distraction, but always a good decent man who contributed to the team with bat and glove.

He was a big part of the team that won the 2009 World Series, and a big part of every other team, being the clutch player who carried the team. How often was it said that when Mark hit then the Yanks would win?

There will be a lot said about the career of a great player, and how he could have been greater had injury not robbed him the last five years. But I shall not go into that now. What I will go into is how even in retiring he is helping this team and showing just how selfless and how much of a team player he is. I would love his last game to be a World series game. Just like it should have been for a number of the recent great Yankees. But it won’t be. However we can do something, we can send him off on a winning team, we can send him off with the cheers and celebrations that we did Jeter and Mo, let’s show Mark Teixeira that what he did for us, we appreciate.

Thanks Mark, for being a true champion, and a gentleman of the game.

Could Teixeira Be Retiring?Or Are A Lot Of Bloggers Being Very Premature?

The Yanks have announced that there will be a press conference today at 3pm involving Mark Teixeira. The rumours, of course, are that it is to announce the retirement of the first baseman who in the past was an explosive part of the Yankees lineup, but the past five years have seen more OW! that POW! from him.

But until we hear what he has got to say there is no point in speculating about retiring. There are lots of people who have said that he is going to retire, though how they could know that is beyond me given the conference has not happened. For all we know he could be announcing that he has extended his contract another one, three, or five years. We just don’t know. So I am laughing at other bloggers who have already announced that he is retiring, before saying the conference to announce it will be held later. I admire their crystal ball.

If it is the end of his career then it is a sad one. He was robbed of a better end by injuries and a poor training staff that could have helped keep him on the field playing. The numbers he put up were good, but they could have been better and it is sad that as the Yanks limp through a terrible season, one of our finest players could be limping out of the game after a lame duck year. Still, if it is an announcement to retire, what a better time to do it than after that Mets series in which he played such a massive role in a great game. I for one am grateful to him for helping us win the 2009 World Series, and for being such a good Yankee. If it is to announce that he is extending his contract with us for a few more years then I wish him well, because when he plays well the team does well.

But for all the speculation and early declarations… get a grip. Let him speak first before you declare to all that he is going to retire. It is just bad journalism to tell people something before it has even happened.

Astros Must Not Give The Knockout Punch This Time

Can we really be talking about how the Yanks are at the point where they face a knockout punch? I mean really? In July? But that is where we are. Heading to Texas to face the Astros who broke Yankee hearts last season. Can they do the same thing again this year?

They are not as good as they were last year. They are definitely a lot less of menace as now they were last season but you should not be complacent. As Joe says time and time again that if you play badly against any major league players they will defeat you. That has happened against such teams as the Rockies who are a lot better than they are made out to be. If you go to their ballpark and act like you have already won then you deserve to lose. That is what happened to the Yanks against Colorado. They should not think that because the Astros are not as dominant as they were last year, that they will win these games. I don’t think the players are doing that.

It has to hurt them that we are already at a must win series before July is even over. But that is what happens when you have played so badly that you lose the way the Yanks have. They can turn it around for sure. But will they? Already there is talk that Chapman will go to the Cubs for two prospects, with the hints that he will be back next season. But I am sad to think that he will be on another team and I hope that he is going to be back next season. It is a pity that they team is in such a state that they are having to get rid of guys instead of bringing someone in to help the team win. I hope they can turn it around. But I also hope that we don’t see Chapman coming into a game in the World Series this autumn. These are the kind of decisions that can bite you in the ass.

I’m A Pitching Nut: That’s Why I Can’t Wait For MadBum To Come To Town.


Madison Bumgarner

Bumgarner is one of the most exciting pitchers to watch in baseball. His being named to start on Friday against the Yankees is a pitching lover’s dream come true. It just might not be the best news for the Yankees right now.


I am a pitching fan. I love that aspect of the game of baseball more than I do seeing home runs. Give me a good pitching display, and some outstanding acts of fielding brilliance over the continuous litany of balls going over the wall any day. Hitters get all the glory, despite the fact that sometimes they do little more than bat flip antics.

Although that is not fair on the hitters. Because guys like Ichiro who are clever and aren’t all about hitting for power and just sock the ball over the wall or swing out, but use skill and guile to hit the ball to the opposite side and get hits when hits are hard to get. That kind of hitting is brilliant. But I am a pitching nut. I love it.

“I am a pitching fan. I love that aspect of the game of baseball more than I do seeing home runs. Give me a good pitching display, and some outstanding acts of fielding brilliance over the continuous litany of balls going over the wall any day.”

The Yankees have not had so much good pitching from their starting rotation this year. When they do get great stuff from the guy on the mound, it is often ruined by a bad ball or a bad inning that just kills us and takes away from whatever good thing they managed to pull off.

Our three-headed bullpen monster has been great, in fact, Andrew Miller has been such an amazing pitcher that I think he is the highlight of the season for us. I want him kept in the Bronx and despair when I hear people talk about selling him to this club or another when he is just as needed where he is now and will be a big part in our winning next year or the year after and is definitely not someone we should jettison from this team. Betances is another pitcher that has been great. While Chapman was a great get for this team,  and his pitching 105mph balls was exciting stuff to watch, for sure. But he is wild and hurling that fast often means he lacks control of the ball. The other night he flung a ball at 104mph that missed the plate in clattered into the backstop. Great to watch, not very effective. He will be a good trade if it comes to it. But I still like the idea of not getting rid of him.

I digress wildly there. But the point is that I am excited to see some great pitching. Mad Bum is one of the best in the game right now and the chance of him playing in the Bronx is amazing. I am excited, even though I know that we don’t need this kind of pitcher coming to the Stadium at the moment while we hope to gain ground on those in the division and try and bump up the Wild Card slot. Playoffs are not out of reach, but having to face a guy like this will be a challenge and a test of the teams resolve to get out of the rut that this season had fast become.

Let’s just look at what Mad Bum has done off this current Yankee lineup right now, thanks to the wonderful website Baseball Savant.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 3.02.57 PM

“… guys like Madison Bumgarner are the cream of the crop. I hope he lives up to the expectations of what he is going to bring to the game come Friday, even marginally. Then we will be in for a great game of baseball.”

For most this chart will mean nothing at all. But it only serves to wet my appetite when it comes to what is going to go down on Friday night. The Yanks need to win. They can hit the mediocre middle of the road pitchers as they did last night against Baltimore. But guys like Madison Bumgarner are the cream of the crop. I hope he lives up to the expectations of what he is going to bring to the game come Friday, even marginally. Then we will be in for a great game of baseball. And if the Yanks are able to stand up and beat the Giants against someone like Bumgarner then they will have a boost to their confidence. We have done well so far since the failure of the start of the post ASG break. Since then we have turned it around. Long may it continue.

Who said baseball is rubbish? Who said there is nothing to look forward to or be excited about this year?

Yanks should follow Red Sox sell model: Audition these prospects — New York Post

“The world will not end if the Yankees sell, rather than buy, by the Aug. 1 non-waivers trade deadline. Instead, the Yankees might be making a different sort of purchase, an investment that can prove essential to an organization’s long-term health. ” Ken Davidoff

via Yanks should follow Red Sox sell model: Audition these prospects — New York Post

The Yankees failed to win their opening series after the All-Star Break leading to a massive talk about the need to become sellers and not buyers. This is a shift in the Yankee way of thinking of course. Who tend to be the kind of team who go out and buy more players before the trading deadline. The idea of them selling off their players is something that just feels un-Yankee like. They haven’t got a lot of players worth trading at the moment. Look at them, most of their pitchers are not good at worst and not consistent at best. Same can be said about their hitters. Their bullpen is shocking apart from their vaunted three closers. So when it comes down to it, who is there to trade? Beltran and Chapman are the best choices because they are in the final year of their contracts. They are also good enough to be desirable and worth something, and could end up going to a team that is a contender for the playoffs. Cleveland is one such team. Or the Cubs.

Miller is another hotly discussed trade move. But I hope not. We can still get to the playoffs if we don’t panic. We need to get some guys who are hitting. Jettison those who are not. We need to do exactly what Ken Davidoff said in this article in the Post. We need to copy what Boston has done as I have said in my last post, and be ruthless in replacing guys who are not performing with prospects who are, and give them a shot at playing. We also need to think about who we can bring into the team that will do well. Not based on last years figures or a good season three years ago which is how Cashman seems to operate but find guys who are doing well NOW… THIS SEASON. If the Yankees have decided this season is a dead bust, then they need to get rid of some of the dead weight that is costing the team big money for little in return. They need to give the kids a chance to wet their feet with no fear of failure and start making moves for the future rather than clinging to the past.

The Yanks won. It was great, it was needed. It also was the kind of thing that will galvanise Cashman into thinking he is good, all is well. No need to do anything. Which given how bad his choices have been for the most part these past few years, might be a good thing. But doing nothing for fear of messing up is not a good basis for decisions. The front office has not given the coaches anything to win with. Sure we have some good guys brought in, Ellsbury, Castro, Didi. That’s it. The rest of the moves have stunk like Bigfoot’s armpits. No wonder we have languished outside of contention for ages since 2012 besides one playoff game last year. Still, we have had winning seasons for 23 seasons in a row. Let’s hope that is something that will not end this year. A winning season seems to be the best we can hope for at the moment but it could turn out to be a better season if the Yanks make the right moves now. Will Cashman finally get it right enough to turn us into a contender? Or will he live up to recent form and bring in more busts? Time will tell. I don’t think I can take the suspense.

Time will tell. I don’t think I can take the suspense.

I don’t think I can take the suspense.